wrench off

wrench something off (of) someone or something

 and wrench something off
to yank or twist something off someone or something. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) He wrenched the shoes off the sleeping man and ran away. He wrenched off the catsup bottle cap.
See also: off, wrench
References in classic literature ?
This hole's big enough for Jim to get through if we wrench off the board.
How many young men, in all previous times of unprecedented steadiness, had turned suddenly wild and wicked for the same reason, and, in an ecstasy of unrequited love, taken to wrench off door-knockers, and invert the boxes of rheumatic watchmen
I once dropped a small Snap-On torque wrench off a wing and the visiting rep grabbed a replacement from his truck and handed it to me.
When I pulled the wrench off, the bit stayed stuck in the screw head, so I called it quits and went in the other direction.
Short cast, bouncing the wrench off the bottom, is effective for flounder, snapper and pompano.
Banon says Dominique Strauss-Kahn tried to wrench off her clothes and shoved his fingers in her mouth and underwear as she fought him off on the floor of an empty apartment during a 2003 interview for a book she was writing, the Associated Press reported.
The Hollywood favourites - in Britain for the launch of their secret agent comedy movie, Knight And Day - found the mystery driver a tough nut to crack when they tried to wrench off his helmet.
Apollo waited to knock off" my helmet, force down my shoulders, and wrench off my breastplate--priming my death for the hand of another.
Try to wrench off those rosy spectacles and see that the man who's just dumped you is commitment-shy and all too quick to put down a woman's statement of her hopes and wishes as "nagging".
Also available is a reversible ratcheting combination wrench that allows the user to quickly tighten nuts and bolts without lifting the wrench off and repositioning it after each rotation.
Derek Gull, 76, was on a day trip to the seaside when the yobs hit him in the face with a brick and tried to wrench off his gold watch.