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train wreck

1. A major or total failure, disaster, or catastrophe. This project has become an absolute train wreck. We've wasted so much time and money already, I don't know how we'll make up the losses. Despite a stellar cast, the film turned out to be a real train wreck.
2. A person whose life is a complete mess or is in total disarray. I don't know about my relationship with Kevin. He's a bit of a train wreck, between you and me.
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nervous wreck

Someone who is overcome with anxiety, apprehension, or nervousness. Where have you been all night? I've been a nervous wreck waiting for you to come home! I'm going to be a nervous wreck waiting to hear back from the doctor about the test results.
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go under the wrecking ball

Fig. to be wrecked or torn down. That lovely old building finally went under the wrecking ball. I hate to see good architecture go under the wrecking ball.
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nervous wreck

An individual suffering from extreme agitation or worry, as in Pat was a nervous wreck until her mother arrived at the wedding. This expression is nearly always used hyperbolically. [Colloquial; c. 1900] Also see basket case.
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Unfortunately it is also a wreck on which you can really see the damage that is done by divers.
The peculiarity of this is that the wreck could be almost intact," the Daily Mail quoted Lt Col Francesco Schilardi of the police divers' group as telling the BBC.
4 : something in a state of ruin <The house is a wreck.
In this way, our English-language journalism blatantly confuses between the verb to wreck and the verb to wreak.
This means that when you find items like portholes, bells, compasses, pots, cannons, coins, or nameplates you must refer them to the Receiver of Wreck who will try to trace the owner and document items of historic value.
The well-preserved wreck of a World War One German submarine, possibly still containing the bodies of its 23 crew members, has been found off the Belgian coast.
Set up on the upcurrent side of the wreck and then drift through the area or anchor.
And now five of these wartime wreck sites are being investigated by a project, backed by a PS20,600 grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.
The accolade is in recognition of decades of dedication to the wreck of steam clipper The Royal Charter, which sank off the beach of Porth Helaeth in Dulas Bay, on the north-east coast of Anglesey, more than 150 years ago.
The diving in Micronesia is the best wreck diving in the world," he said.
Representative Christopher Smith, and local municipalities today marked the beginning of the second phase of work to restore Wreck Pond, a unique coastal lake that was severely impacted by Superstorm Sandy and has had a long history of flooding and water quality problems.
7% less likely to get in a wreck (compared to national average)
Over an Adopt-a-Wreck weekend on May 9 and 10, experts from the society will be offering a free two-day course for those who want to help survey the wreck, learn more about her and protect the site.
The project, undertaken by Curtin University and the WA Museum, will investigate, scan and map the site, so that conservation plans can be put in place to preserve the wreck for further research.