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wreathe (itself) around someone or something

[for something] to form itself into a wreath or circle around someone or something. The smoke wreathed around the smokers' heads, almost obliterating sight of them. The smoke wreathed around the green tree near the fire.
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wreathe someone or something in something

to enclose someone or something in a wreath or a wreath-shaped area. The trees wreathed them in a lovely frame. It made a beautiful photograph. The vines wreathed the campers in a gentle bower.
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wreathe something around someone or something

to form something into a wreath around someone or something. The smoke wreathed a ring around the old man holding a pipe. The cloud wreathed a huge halo around the tip of the mountain.
See also: around, wreathe
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steaming into the minute, wreathing round the song of the
This gem of the Warwick Festival came at dusk: softened shadows in a candle-lit St Mary's Church, and subtly wreathing incense hazing the high-vaulted ceiling.
The section of Bolero seen in rehearsal on a videotape (mostly of the Dancer) shows that although Nijinska was not interested in reproducing Spanish dance, the choreography for the Dancer, wearing character shoes, stylizes certain Spanish shapes and qualities--the body's honest weight, the arms wreathing the waist front and back, quick turns, backbends, and skittering foot stamps.
Logging's demise meant that the forests wreathing the mountains and lakes around Bend are likely to stay the same for many years.