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wreathe (itself) around someone or something

[for something] to form itself into a wreath or circle around someone or something. The smoke wreathed around the smokers' heads, almost obliterating sight of them. The smoke wreathed around the green tree near the fire.
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wreathe someone or something in something

to enclose someone or something in a wreath or a wreath-shaped area. The trees wreathed them in a lovely frame. It made a beautiful photograph. The vines wreathed the campers in a gentle bower.
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wreathe something around someone or something

to form something into a wreath around someone or something. The smoke wreathed a ring around the old man holding a pipe. The cloud wreathed a huge halo around the tip of the mountain.
See also: around, wreathe
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Craft workshops will include tie-dye fabrics, god's eyes yarn designs, paper banners and springtime wreathes.
Place wreathes or "welcome" signs on resident-room doors to distinguish them from other rooms in the facility.
During the visit, the couple will lay wreathes at monuments dedicated to Atsuhito Nakata, a Japanese volunteer for the United Nations who was shot dead by an armed group in April 1993 while monitoring the Cambodian general election, and Haruyuki Takada, a policeman who was killed in Cambodia in May that year, the agency said.
Gordon laid two wreathes at the grave before lowering the coffin of his friend.
In the past 12 months there have been ten incidents at the cemetery including damage to wreathes and flowers and thefts from motor vehicles.
Fiction (as wish)" reads one of the repeatedly projected texts, evoking the fragile moment when creative desire wreathes itself in form.
The Queen will join John Major to lay wreathes at the Cenotaph in London as a mark of respect for those who died in battle.
All the insipid and the menacing the mighty kitchen sink in the crystal castle when the moment is stretched on the surface of life like a stocking on a prostitute's leg the holy works history won't remember together with all the works of the devil the evil plans the lying tales the lovers like cannibals sitting and counting the pains of life like food in a labyrinth dark and tangled as my soul holy spirits and demons released death picks flowers gently in life makes eternal wreathes like fears in darkness they glitter spiritual children who live off me the wizard locks them up in the castle tells German tales on the other side I pass like a bridge the messiah a small child passes beneath me suddenly there's light out there living children
Hitchhiking pests on trees, wreathes, garland and firewood may turn homes into more of a Halloween house of horror rather than the holiday winter wonderland that homeowners had in mind.
The new ambassadors laid wreathes on the tombs of late King Hussein Bin Talal, King Abdullah Bin Al Hussein I, and King Talal Bin Abdullah.
The people will also visit Imam Sahib Graveyard at Sialkot and will lay floral wreathes at the graves of the parents and other family members of Allama Iqbal, besides, offering Fateha for the departed souls.
He was one of 15 veterans from area veterans' organizations who tossed wreathes and bouquets of flowers into the gentle water of one of the ponds at Elm Park.
Outlets will sell mince pies and cakes, mulled wine, decorative wreathes, mistletoe and flowers, gifts and refreshments.
The hearse was decked with wreathes and white flowers that spelled out Melissa's name.
The Mayor laid a wreath and three other wreathes were laid.