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wreathe (itself) around someone or something

[for something] to form itself into a wreath or circle around someone or something. The smoke wreathed around the smokers' heads, almost obliterating sight of them. The smoke wreathed around the green tree near the fire.
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wreathe someone or something in something

to enclose someone or something in a wreath or a wreath-shaped area. The trees wreathed them in a lovely frame. It made a beautiful photograph. The vines wreathed the campers in a gentle bower.
See also: wreathe

wreathe something around someone or something

to form something into a wreath around someone or something. The smoke wreathed a ring around the old man holding a pipe. The cloud wreathed a huge halo around the tip of the mountain.
See also: around, wreathe
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For the first time in 70 years wreathes were laid amid renewed calls for a permanent memorial to be created at the site.
The Co-ordination Committee appealed to members of the civil society, lawyers, and general public to arrive at the place of martyrdom of Chaudhry Aslam on 18th January at 5:00 pm and pay tribute to him by laying floral wreathes and burning candles.
Wreathes decorated by local celebrities, including Congressman James P.
Be it at sea, in the air, or on land, These brave people, at their officer''s command, Did not think of the horrors ahead, So now today we honour the dead, And remember those who will never grow old, We remember those people who were so bold, As into battle they did go, the consequences they did know, That they may never return to face another day, But they will be remembered in every way, With poppy wreathes laid and services said, To honour the fallen, to honour the dead, Who without their bravery we would not live the lives we do, For you will always be remembered and may God Bless you.
The festival's pre-Christian practices include decorating birch trees and dressing up oxen with wreathes and flowers to celebrate the return of livestock to outdoor pastures after wintering over in barns.
The military commanders also visited the martyr's tombs and laid wreathes of flowers on behalf of President al-Assad.
Zoe Chamberlain reports sprinkling of snow fell on the rows of holly wreathes and AAAbunches of mistletoe as the first in a series of auctions kicked off in Tenbury Wells this week.
The court heard his urine did not hit the plaques or wreathes at the Otley Road memorial in Headingley, West Yorks.
Metal posts were installed to mark out a single-track road, on which protesters recently placed funeral wreathes, as a symbolic gesture.
Guests strolling through The Quarter will be treated to Atlantic City's official "Holiday Tree," a 25-foot lavishly decorated and twinkling evergreen (SEE PHOTO,) a live Poinsettia tree, dozens of festive themed wreathes, enormous icicles and snow showers.
And scattered on ledges and at one's feet are a number of wreathes and nests made from twigs, assorted feathers, and cheap silk flowers.
Instructor Pat Duvall will lead up to 12 people in building wreathes from dried flowers, with the class filling up on a first-come, first-served basis.
Place wreathes or "welcome" signs on resident-room doors to distinguish them from other rooms in the facility.
During the visit, the couple will lay wreathes at monuments dedicated to Atsuhito Nakata, a Japanese volunteer for the United Nations who was shot dead by an armed group in April 1993 while monitoring the Cambodian general election, and Haruyuki Takada, a policeman who was killed in Cambodia in May that year, the agency said.