play/wreak havoc with something

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play havoc with (someone or something)

To cause issues or disruptions for someone or something. The road closures have played havoc with rush-hour traffic. This humidity is going to play havoc with my hair.
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play havoc with

completely disrupt; cause serious damage to.
1989 Vijay Singh In Search of the River Goddess I hate contractors who come from the plains, chop down trees, play havoc with our lives.
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play/wreak ˈhavoc with something

cause damage, destruction or disorder to something: The terrible storms wreaked havoc with electricity supplies, because so many power lines were down.
See also: havoc, play, something, wreak
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can potentially wreak havoc with business operations.
Read below how steroids wreak havoc with brain and body.
The company's lasers are said to be particularly well suited for use in harsh environments that would normally wreak havoc with sensitive instrumentation, according to the literature.
Although El Nino may bring trouble to Los Angeles this winter, the panelists said the region's residents should become more aware of global warming, which could wreak havoc with the area in the years to come.
Once this pairing occurs, the complex travels as a unit to the cell's nucleus, where it can wreak havoc with DNA's normal, genetically prescribed activities.
Harper said concussion grenades commonly are used with armed or barricaded suspects, but acknowledged that such a device might wreak havoc with the interior of a home.
In the sea, as on land, garbage can wreak havoc with wildlife.