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wrap up

1. To wrap something, such as a gift. Don't forget to wrap up Dan's present before you go to the party.
2. To complete something, such as a task; to put the finishing touches on something. You go on ahead, I just need to wrap up some work before I head home. OK, everyone, let's wrap it up for tonight.
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wrap (one) up in cotton wool

To be overprotective of one; to coddle one. You need to let the little lad play in the dirt once in a while. If you keep wrapping him up in cotton wool, he'll grow up too soft.
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wrap (oneself) in the flag

To use one's supposed patriotism as a justification for one's words or actions. He has refused to respond to the valid criticisms of this war. Instead he just warps himself in the flag and talks about "security."
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wrap it up

1. To get to the point of what one is saying. Often used as an imperative. Wrap it up, Bob, you've been talking for nearly half an hour already. We're running short on time, so I'm afraid we'll have to start wrapping it up.
2. To stop making noise; stop talking. Often used as an imperative. OK, you two in the back, wrap it up! I'd like to finish my lesson without you distracting me.
3. slang To put on a condom before sexual intercourse. You're putting yourself at risk if you don't wrap it up every time.
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wrap around

1. To fold, coil, or bend completely around someone or something. The car actually wrapped around the light post as it crashed into it. The snake wrapped around my arm in a very disconcerting way.
2. To fold, coil, or bend something completely around someone or something else. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "wrap" and "around." Here, wrap this cable around the tree over there. I just wanted to wrap my arms around my two kids and hold onto them forever on the first morning they both left for school.
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wrap (someone or something) in (something)

To enfold, envelop, or enclose someone or something in some material. Often used in passive constructions. Wrap the kids in towels so they don't get too cold coming out of the water. The chicken breast is stuffed with cheese and then wrapped in pancetta. Be sure to wrap everything in bubble wrap, or things could break while they're being shipped.
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wrap around someone or something

to enclose or fold about someone or something. The snake wrapped around the helpless man and it was soon all over. The flames wrapped around the barn and swallowed it up.
See also: around, wrap

wrap someone or something around something

to bend or coil someone or something around something. I'll wrap you around that lamppost unless you cooperate! Don wrapped the rope around the tree and tied it tight.
See also: around, wrap

wrap something around someone

to fold or drape something onto someone. He wrapped a towel around himself and went to answer the telephone. She wrapped a blanket around her little boy to keep him warm.
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wrap something up

to complete work on something; to bring something to an end. I will wrap the job up this morning. I'll call you when I finish. I can wrap up this little project in a week.
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wrap up

1. Bring to a conclusion, settle successfully, as in As soon as we wrap up this deal, we can go on vacation. [First half of 1900s]
2. Summarize, recapitulate, as in To wrap up, the professor went over the three main categories. [First half of the 1900s]
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wrap it up

be quiet. British informal
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wrap around

1. To clasp, fold, or coil something about someone or something: She wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him.
2. To coil or twist about something or someone: The flag wrapped around the pole.
3. To continue automatically to be entered on a new line of text if there is too much text to fit on one line. Used of word-processing texts: The input to early computer text editors did not wrap around, so you had to hit a carriage return at the end of every line.
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wrap up

1. To cover, envelop, or encase something or someone, as by folding or coiling about: I wrapped the baby up in a blanket. The nurse wrapped up my ankle with a bandage.
2. To enclose something, especially in paper, and fasten it: We wrapped the birthday presents up. I wrapped up the sandwich and took it with me.
3. To put warm clothing on someone: My mother wrapped me up in a parka and snow pants. The nanny wrapped up the children and sent them to the park.
4. To bring something to a conclusion; settle something finally or successfully: The two executives met and wrapped up the deal. Let's wrap this meeting up before dinner.
5. To summarize something; recapitulate something: He wrapped the proposal up in the final paragraph. That statement wraps up our sentiments.
6. To come to a conclusion; finish: As soon as this project wraps up, I'm going on vacation.
7. wrap up in To immerse or absorb someone completely in something. Used chiefly in the passive: I tried to talk to her after the meeting, but she was wrapped up in a conversation.
8. wrap up in To involve someone in something. Used chiefly in the passive: We were shocked when we learned that our neighbors were wrapped up in criminal activities.
9. Sports To pin or tackle someone or something: The wrestler wrapped his opponent up. The lineman wrapped up the punter for a 15-yard loss.
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After installation of more wrapping machines, the rates of the service would be almost half in comparison with the present charges for wrapping every size of baggage.
Officials insisted that the wrapping of the monument, which sits at the top of the French capital's most famous avenue, the Champs-Elysees, will not affect the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier underneath it.
Other wrapping styles the CWM2 can handle are double twist, top twist, side twist, top clip and bunch wrap.
If you enjoy wrapping or just fancy some festive fun - come and join us wrap gifts for donations to help keep children happy, healthy and safe in the North East.
Golden Valley contend that many companies are wasting literally thousands of pounds per year by using the wrong type of pallet wrap or inappropriate or poorly maintained pallet wrapping machinery--or a combination of all three.
UK-based vehicle wrapping company, Totally Dynamic, recently wrapped an Aston Martin Vantage to be displayed at the car manufacturer's headquarters in Warwick.
What's more, the total wrapping time is significantly reduced compared to conventional approaches.
But whatever your wrapping style, the shops are packed with all kinds of accessories to package up your gifts this year.
It gives the wrapping an earthy, handmade look, and the pine cones look elegant under the tree.
The profile wrapping process utilizes numerous materials, including vinyl as well as traditional paper or veneer.
Not everyone is a whizz at wrapping, so if you've been putting off the moment don't despair -help is at hand!
"People imagine doing their wrapping with mince pies and sherry at hand, carols playing in the background in a haven of Christmas calm," she laughs.
The company increasingly finds itself wrapping incomplete homes and larger developments to protect the properties from the elements and keep out the unwanted.