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wrap someone or something (up) (with something)

to enclose or enfold someone or something, using something. Try to wrap the baby up with something warmer. We will have to wrap up the baby with extra blankets tonight.
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Short-row 4 Purl to 4 (4, 4, 5, 5, 6, 6) sts before wrapped st, wrap next st, turn.
The hospital's Distribution staff collects the boxes and delivers them to the Fletcher Allen supply warehouse where the boxes are palletized, shrink wrapped and stored until the recycling company comes to pick them up.
The service, which runs until December 23, includes all wrapping paper, bows and gift tags and the end result is a very professional-looking wrapped product - likely to leave the recipient of your pressie thrilled.
Lindsay Frentrop--My husband is a woodworker and we use the wooden "ribbons" from his planer to make bows on packages that we've wrapped in comic book pages.
And the wide variety of possible applications for profile wrapped products has made critical the ability to control the adhesive application.
Once it's wrapped, not only do we keep the neighborhood out of it, we keep any undesirables out of it as well -- an uninhabited residence attracts a lot of nuisances."
By giving operators the ability to load an unwrapped load--or remove a wrapped load while a second is being wrapped--up to twice as many loads can be wrapped during a shift.
Also, customers purchasing expensive products, like higher-end DSLRs, want that product taken care of--and that includes having it wrapped well."
Which would you expect to dry out the fastest: an apple wrapped in gauze or an unwrapped apple?
If you're one of those folks who don't relish a trip to the sushi bar to feast on raw seafood wrapped in rice and seaweed, help is on the way!
This small increase (4.3% AAGR) is caused by the popularity of prepackaged foods, such as individually wrapped cereal bars and snacks, and packaging alternatives like stand-alone pouches and bags.
Wrapping big bale grass silage in green film this season will help to reduce losses and achieve a higher quality forage over bales wrapped in black film, North livestock farmers are discovering.
Researchers at ADAS Pwllperian Research Centre, near Aberystwyth, found less silage was spoiled when wrapped in green film rather than traditional black.
A few years ago, scientists at Consumers Union detected high amounts of DEHA in cheeses that had been wrapped in PVC films.