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Short-row 8 P10 working wraps tog with wrapped sts, wrap next st, turn.
It will also damage the end appearance of the wrapped product.
Use a marker to label each cup as follows: Control Wrapped, Table Salt Wrapped, Epsom Salt Wrapped, Baking Soda Wrapped.
Grass silage bales wrapped in Volac Topwrap Eco-green film achieved a more stable and consistent fermentation compared with those wrapped in black film which were exposed to greater temperature fluctuations, according to ADAS Pwllperian's manager, Owen Davies.
The new wraps won't completely replace foil or petroleum-based plastic wraps, but they can be used in lunchbags, freezers, and other applications where wrapped items won't be heavily handled.
New research from Scotch brand, the inventor of the world's first adhesive clear tape, reveals that two thirds of Brits believe a present costs up to 50 per cent more if it's nicely wrapped.
Anyway, we do not want to get wrapped up with the legal stuff
Every day, we reach for individually wrapped cheese slices, dip spoons into plastic yogurt cups and offer babies sips of milk from plastic bottles.
thick strip can be wrapped around the nozzle and over the heater bands and then secured with high-temperature tape.
The wrapped load would then have to be either taken to shipping or dropped nearby before the next load could be placed on the wrapping machine.
As the slush dried, it formed a film that she then wrapped around a piece of cut fruit.
When we brought it home she wrapped it beautifully herself.
The awareness and the energy for the fully wrapped position have to be there.
Like a bulky long-distance parcel wrapped to withstand rough handling en route, the Reichstag sat in its open field as though Christo had just pushed it out of the door of a passing shuttle.
PAINESVILLE, Ohio -- Avery Dennison Corporation (NYSE: AVY) has developed a new product line, Supreme Wrapping Film, that is wrapped around a vehicle's exterior to change the color of the car while protecting the original paint job.