wrap (one) up in cotton wool

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wrap (one) up in cotton wool

To be overprotective of one; to coddle one. You need to let the little lad play in the dirt once in a while. If you keep wrapping him up in cotton wool, he'll grow up too soft.
See also: cotton, up, wool, wrap

wrap someone in cotton wool

be over-protective towards someone.
See also: cotton, someone, wool, wrap

wrap somebody up in cotton ˈwool

(informal) protect somebody too much from dangers or risks: If you keep your children wrapped up in cotton wool, they’ll never learn to be independent.
See also: cotton, somebody, up, wool, wrap
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He has the ability but I need to wrap him up in cotton wool."
Hazard said: "I wouldn't wrap him up in cotton wool - why should you?
When are we going to stop saying `we'll wrap him up in cotton wool' - if he is good enough he should be in, it is as simple as that.