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1. n. a dog. (Juvenile.) We’re going to get you a bow-wow!
2. n. an ugly woman; a dog. (Derogatory.) I would have chosen a better nose if I had been given a chance, but—all in all—I’m not such a bow-wow.


1. n. a meeting; a conference. (From an American Indian word.) Let’s have a pow-wow on that issue.
2. in. to hold a meeting or a conference. Let’s pow-wow on that tomorrow.


1. exclam. an indication of amazement or surprise. (Usually Wow!) A whole quarter! Wow! Thanks, mister.
2. tv. to delight or impress someone. That ought to wow them right out of their seats.
3. n. something exciting. For a pretty good wow, try the Empire Theater’s production of “Mame” this weekend.
4. n. an exclamation point. Almost every sentence you write has a wow at the end of it.
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With the right response, we can catapult from an anti-WOW experience to a WOW experience.
OM: How can an advisor get his or her team to develop a WOW focus?
JE: First, designate a WOW czar or czarina and empower them to think up and deliver WOW experiences.
Third, start delivering WOW training sessions yourself to your centers of influence.
When Bow Wow was 3, his mother recalls, Bow Wow would look at music videos and dance.
Until earlier this year, Bow Wow attended a public school--including riding the bus each day--in Columbus.
That confidence came through in 1993, when Bow Wow, then only 5, got his big break at a Dr.
So when he was done with the rap, that's when Snoop turned and said, `That's Little Bow Wow.
His mother, manager and stylist Teresa Caldwell, remembers that Bow Wow was rapping practically as soon as he could speak.
On Beware Of Dog, Bow Wow warns listeners that he's going to "get your daughters in a frenzy".