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1. n. a dog. (Juvenile.) We’re going to get you a bow-wow!
2. n. an ugly woman; a dog. (Derogatory.) I would have chosen a better nose if I had been given a chance, but—all in all—I’m not such a bow-wow.


1. n. a meeting; a conference. (From an American Indian word.) Let’s have a pow-wow on that issue.
2. in. to hold a meeting or a conference. Let’s pow-wow on that tomorrow.


1. exclam. an indication of amazement or surprise. (Usually Wow!) A whole quarter! Wow! Thanks, mister.
2. tv. to delight or impress someone. That ought to wow them right out of their seats.
3. n. something exciting. For a pretty good wow, try the Empire Theater’s production of “Mame” this weekend.
4. n. an exclamation point. Almost every sentence you write has a wow at the end of it.