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1. n. a dog. (Juvenile.) We’re going to get you a bow-wow!
2. n. an ugly woman; a dog. (Derogatory.) I would have chosen a better nose if I had been given a chance, but—all in all—I’m not such a bow-wow.


1. n. a meeting; a conference. (From an American Indian word.) Let’s have a pow-wow on that issue.
2. in. to hold a meeting or a conference. Let’s pow-wow on that tomorrow.


1. exclam. an indication of amazement or surprise. (Usually Wow!) A whole quarter! Wow! Thanks, mister.
2. tv. to delight or impress someone. That ought to wow them right out of their seats.
3. n. something exciting. For a pretty good wow, try the Empire Theater’s production of “Mame” this weekend.
4. n. an exclamation point. Almost every sentence you write has a wow at the end of it.
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To assist in the important networking at WOW, two receptions/table-top displays will allow attendees to gather in an informal atmosphere, while the INDA Hospitality Suite will provide a late-night gathering place for attendees.
Over 900 pow wows happen each year in the United States and Canada.
SRS WOW technology is a leading audio enhancement solution for nearly all types of audio products.
Caldwell, Bow Wow's mother, walked around the fence collecting scraps of paper to give to Bow Wow to sign while sitting in his black SUV.
The appellate court ruled that the district court's ruling that WOW never disclosed to the market the fact that the 1987 financial statements contained material errors was far too narrow a reading of Deloitte's liability under section 11.
The Five Lesbian Brothers' latest production, The Secretaries, appears at WOW this month.
In addition to helping struggling pet parents, the Bow Wow Buddies Foundation also provides grants to animal shelters and rescue groups that need assistance to provide necessary medical treatments for sick or injured dogs awaiting adoption.
17-18 Turtle Island Native American Association Pow Wow.
8220;My counselors and I are honored to be selected for Camp Bow Wow's Golden Paw Award,” says Sharon Opfermann, owner of the Camp Bow Wow Salt Lake City, UT franchise.
The WOW Innovation Award recognize and rewards industry members who bring new and value-added processes and products to the wipes' market-place.
The skinny-tie years were all about one-hit wonders like Dexy's Midnight Runners' ``Come on Eileen,'' Soft Cell's ``Tainted Love'' and Bow Wow Wow's ear mite ``I Want Candy'' -- songs that still show up on radio and VH1.
10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, WOW Health Group launches a new online health platform, www.
Johnson, was voted the recipient of the 2009 WOW Innovation Award as part of the third annual World of Wipes (WOW) Conference, June 22-24 in Atlanta, GA.
Wow Never Wanted A Cow receives Steven Salerno's fine drawings, enhancing lively rhyming easy-read story pairing classic art with a Dr.
NO MORE DOGGED DEVOTION: Bow Wow and Ciara have split, a spokeswoman for Ciara has confirmed.