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weave around

1. To move around from side to side in a meandering or unsteady manner. I could tell he was drunk by the way he was weaving around after we left the bar. When the bus driver started weaving around on the road, I worried that he might have fallen asleep!
2. To avoid someone or something by moving deftly from side to side. The waiter weaved around the tables of people, her arms laden with plates of food. We had to weave around the police officers who were inspecting people's bags on the sidewalk.
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weave through (something)

To pass through a dense group by moving deftly in between the people or things within. He wove through the crowd of people to avoid the police officer. We had to weave through the forest as we ran back to camp. I felt certain the motorcycle was going to crash, judging by how dangerously it was weaving through traffic.
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weave around

to move about, changing directions at random. The drunken driver wove around all over the road. He was weaving around everywhere.
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