not agree with

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not agree with (someone or something)

1. To not share the same opinion or feeling as someone. I'm afraid I don't agree with Janet on this one. I think we should be lowering our rates, not raising them. We all agree with you—this whole situation got completely out of hand.
2. To not support or condone something. I really don't agree with raising taxes on anyone but the most wealthy in society. The board doesn't agree with your findings, Doctor.
3. Of food, to cause illness or discomfort in someone's digestive tract. Those gas station nachos didn't agree with me at all. I love living in India, but spicy foods just don't agree with me, so mealtimes here have been a little bit tricky.
See also: agree, not

not agree with someone

[for food] to make someone ill; [for something that one has eaten] to give one stomach distress. Fried foods don't agree with Tom. I always have onions in my garden, but I never eat them. They just don't agree with me.
See also: agree, not