would you believe (it)

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would you believe (it)

Isn't it amazing? How surprising or shocking is that? Can be said of positive or negative things; often said more as a statement than a question.. Would you believe, he stole an entire printer as he was leaving the office on his last day! The absolute nerve of some people! We were able to buy the house for nearly 30% less than its asking price, would you believe it. I heard Sally ran away with Tom's wife—would you believe?
See also: believe

Would you believe!

Inf. Isn't that unbelievable?; How shocking! Tom: Jane has run off and married Fred! Sally: Would you believe! Jane: Then the manager came out and asked us to leave. Would you believe? Mary: It sounds just awful. I'd send them a letter of complaint.

would you beˈlieve (it)?

(spoken) used to show that you are surprised and annoyed about something: And, would you believe, he didn’t even apologize!

Would you believe?

interrog. Isn’t it amazing? Would you believe? A three-cent per hour raise?
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WELL, would you believe it! Last week you wrote to me about your dislike of magpies and how to get rid of them from gardens.
AND would you believe it! This week we can offer readers the chance to win a Terrorvision goodie bag, with all their latest material and a copy of How To Make Friends and Influence People.
Core, would you believe it! Almost 150 varieties of ancient Irish apples have been discovered.
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