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He likes Nettie Blewett pretty well, too, and mother would rather he married her than any one.
But while I am alive and have desires I would rather my hand were withered off than bring one brick to such a building!
But I presume you would rather be heard in private."
(For those physician executives who fear giving up control--who would rather tell people the answer than ask them for their suggestions--a word of caution: Whoever asks the questions, controls the interaction.)
Mumbo Jumbo itself can, in fact, be regarded as Reed's contribution to this "future Text" and a product of Jes Grew: "the manic in the artist who would rather do glossolalia than be 'neat clean and lucid'" (211).
He does not actually demand that marriage be abolished, because, being a pragmatist, he would rather undermine it by extending all its benefits to unmarried partners--in fact, to everybody.
Spinning the current situation out to its most terrifying extreme, however, yields a worst-case scenario Bailey would rather not contemplate, let alone actually live: "A severe and prolonged staffing shortage could potentially redefine a CEO's ability to grow a company as he might have hoped."
We know Billy's parents don't love him because his father (Ben Gazzara) killed his puppy and his mother would rather watch a football game than talk to him, but, again, it doesn't really matter.
There seemed to be a dearth of bona fide stars in attendance, and surfeit of freeze-dried celebs of whom one would rather see less.
It makes me think of the point in the Odyssey when Achilles met Odysseus in the underworld and said, "I would rather be a slave among the living than the king of spirits in the underworld." I don't think Philadelphia would rank as low in Fields' scheme of things as slavery; that's as low as you can get in the land of the living.
ART CLUB 2000 (Shannon Pultz, member): I guess he would rather be dead.
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