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For instance, the first word in the lexicon, acs 'carpenter', is derived "ac < *ayaci [left arrow] WOT *ayacci.
As we did with Collective Intelligence, we trust in the power of the community to improve the safety of the user, that's why we believe WOT is the best tool to help with safe surfing on the Internet," said Juan Santana, Panda Security CEO.
To make sure that women across the country have access to the WOT program, a grassroots network of experienced, enthusiastic volunteers has been established.
Web users can start using WOT by downloading the free WOT add-on to their browsers (available for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera).
Amanda and Kevin Lee already had two card and gift shops called Wot Nots and took a chance on starting up a fashion store in their home town of Shotley Bridge in County Durham.
He told the girl: "Thank you for rubbing it rite in about wot you can do and I cant.
But a late sprint by Michael Hiatt's Living Doll saw he and his crew make a stunning comeback to nudge ahead of Wot Now, taking second place with Wot Now in third.
If BUTMT is not part of 2008, then the famous boast that 'It woz the people wot won it' will sound very hollow indeed.
Robbo an fletcher are just telling us wot they think we want 2 hear and doin wot they want.
Cum on boro lets show wot we cn do and march 2 glory in europe
Paul McAuley from new boy band Wot Nxt landed himself in hospital because of his dedication to all things pop.
THE death of muchadmired choreographer Irving Davies of a heart attack is so poignant because he was a fitness fanatic all his life and his passing is also particularly sad locally because he was involved in the dance routines for the West End hit The Play Wot I Wrote premiered at the Liverpool Playhouse a year ago.
It was me wot ate some of your sandwiches last Saturday.
Also, there's a ground peas, red-sauced, butter-infused mixture called yeshiro wot.