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the laborer is worthy of his hire

proverb Workers should or deserve to be paid. The phrase comes from the Bible. You did a fine job in the stables, Edgar. I have some money for you, as the laborer is worthy of his hire.
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worthy cause

A cause that merits attention, aid, or action due to an inherent goodness of values or intention. The lawyer decided to waive her fees because she felt that the young man's case was a worthy cause.
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worthy of the name

Having earned the right to a particular title or designation due to one's skill, integrity, reputation, etc. No physician worthy of the name would prescribe this drug to his patients. There wasn't a single theatre critic worthy of the name in the audience, judging by the totally biased, copy-pasted reviews the play received the next morning.
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worthy of the name

deserving to be so called; good enough to enjoy a specific designation. There was not an actor worthy of the name in that play. Any art critic worthy of the name would know that painting to be a fake.
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worthy of the name

Deserving a name or description, as in Any artist worthy of the name can draw better than that. This expression uses worthy of in the sense of "deserving by reason of merit," a usage dating from about 1300.
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worthy of the ˈname

(also worth the ˈname) (formal) deserving to be called good: Any doctor worthy of the name would help an injured man in the street.
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There were 18 air worthiness inspectors in 2014 before a slight increase to 21 in 2015 and 27 in 2016.
Under recent legislation lenders are required to assess the credit worthiness of all applicants before granting any loan - although Trading Standards officers in Middlesbrough believe all companies may not be carrying out the necessary checks.
On the site, you'll find PM contact information, technical publications info, newsletters, Air Worthiness Releases (AWR), AMCOM Aviation Safety Messages, Aviation Maintenance Actions Messages (AMAM), Aviation Safety Action Messages (ASAM), Maintenance Information Messages (MIM), Safety of Flight (SOF) Messages, and training information.
The Bulgarian Credit Agency further notes that the municipality's credit worthiness is good in short-term and long-term perspective and it enjoys high level of trust from creditors.
NCARE's director, Faisal Awawdeh, said that NCARE proved over the last period worthiness and was adopted as a regional training hub for various agriculture - related issues.
PC Rob Owen said: "It's a way of exchanging different techniques of enforcing speed limits, mobile phone bans the wearing of seatbelts and checking road worthiness of vehicles."
LACROSS recently underwent the rigors of a nearly two-week thermal testing ordeal that measured the satellite's flight worthiness, say officials, who explain it was subjected to thermal cycles ranging from 230 degrees Fahrenheit to a low of-40 degrees while in simulated launch, on-orbit turn-on and the cruise phase to impact on the moon.
Dora Fiani of Coface, a credit worthiness rating company, stressed the need to arrive at a shared definition of the SME.
The answer is that you can register a car regardless of its age as long as it passes a strict road worthiness test, which includes overall condition of body, chassis and engine emissions.
A total of 24 vehicles were checked for road worthiness.
Personally, I think media labelling of a professional merely as a 'geographer', instead of divulging his or her full role or background, would detract from their worthiness to comment on often highly complex or specialised topics, and ultimately reduce the story's credibility.
He begins by defining self esteem, continuing to show how it is a balance of competence and worthiness, and takes this two-factor approach into descriptions of new research in the major paradoxes and problems with assessment.
The IFC will work with several South African retail banks and the credit bureau system over the next three years to improve the credit reporting environment and credit worthiness for small business in South Africa.
There was no "you" / except a kind of guess; that maybe someone / here or there would catch a drift / of wit or recognition, or, forgive my un- / worthiness, Inspiration.
Dun & Bradstreet (and other reporting agencies') credit ledgers ranked men by their individual achievements and credit worthiness, in ways that "calibrated [personal] identity in the language of commodity." (p.