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worthy cause

A cause that merits attention, aid, or action due to an inherent goodness of values or intention. The lawyer decided to waive her fees because she felt that the young man's case was a worthy cause.
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the laborer is worthy of his hire

Workers should or deserve to be paid. The phrase comes from the Bible. You did a fine job in the stables, Edgar. I have some money for you, as the laborer is worthy of his hire.
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worthy of the name

deserving to be so called; good enough to enjoy a specific designation. There was not an actor worthy of the name in that play. Any art critic worthy of the name would know that painting to be a fake.
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worthy of the name

Deserving a name or description, as in Any artist worthy of the name can draw better than that. This expression uses worthy of in the sense of "deserving by reason of merit," a usage dating from about 1300.
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worthy of the ˈname

(also worth the ˈname) (formal) deserving to be called good: Any doctor worthy of the name would help an injured man in the street.
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Handing out your heart and becoming a mystery deep, languished afterwards for a heart submerged in love is worthier than education and organization.
A group of Russian activists said that the 60-year-old leader was a much worthier candidate than the 2009 winner, President Barack Obama.
Jo Anne is the first women to be presented with this award since its inception in 1971 and there is no one worthier of this recognition," said IREM Foundation Vice President, Gail Duke, CPM.
The freedom of Gateshead would have been a worthier reward after a truly outstanding show.
So there is no worthier winner of the first gold medal for a Welsh athlete in 2012 than that won by the former Cardiff schoolboy yesterday.
But it's worthier, more serious, and booorrrriiiing.
The ambitious Aries is too busy working on her fashion-centric career and looking to worthier role models such as Angelina Jolie.
Wood is a cheap fuel and wood burners are fun, romantic and a far worthier focal point for a family room than the TV.
and, in the dearth of worthier objects of affection
I always mention some of the worthier reissues from the '70s and '80s in my columns--not out of some obligation to a heavy nostalgia trip, but because I'm aware that most of Thrasher's readers weren't born when that shit was coming out, and for those who were?
I must remember 'ere Christ was dead, In pain and anguish still He said, "Forgive them for they know not what they do", And so on the day when our dreams come true, When the last "All Clear" has died away, Let me remember Lord that I may pray, My life for evermore shall worthier be, Of those who died for Coventry.
The 21-year-old, who was frustrated to see the White Knights make a worthier offer to extend the contract of fellow youngster Hazem Emam, will now stay at the club until 2014.
Although there is a need for reference works that make the basic facts easily accessible, Battlefield does not come close to supplanting worthier predecessors in this field.
The bid includes a 90% premium on Medarex's current share price and shows its technologies are way worthier than the market has been ready to pay," Nordea said today, pointing out that Genmab gets technologies from the US player.
If we are to believe that this young African American President is sincere in his drive to bring about change as per his election vows, then there is no worthier arena for such a change than the US policy towards this region.