worth (one's) salt

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worth (one's) salt

Warranting respect in a certain field or area, typically because one does one's job well. Used directly after the person or thing being described. Any teacher worth his salt is able to inspire his students. I'm confident enough to know I'm worth my salt around here. I make a lot of money for this company.
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worth one's salt

Fig. worth (in productivity) what it costs to keep or support one. We decided that you are worth your salt, and you can stay on as office clerk. You're not worth your salt. Pack up!
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worth your salt

good or competent at the job or profession specified.
2000 Saga Magazine Every place setting is measured with a ruler because no butler worth his salt wants to get to the end of a table with say, four settings left, and nowhere to put them.
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ˌworth your/its ˈsalt

deserving respect, especially because you do your job well: Any teacher worth his salt knows that students who enjoy a lesson learn the most.This may refer to the fact that in Roman times soldiers were given an allowance of salt as part of their pay. The Latin word salarium (= the money given to Roman soldiers to buy salt) is the origin of the word ‘salary’.
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worth one’s salt

mod. worth (in productivity) what it costs to keep one. You’re not worth your salt. Pack up!
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worth (one's) salt

Efficient and capable.
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What sustains artistes' worth their salt is their art, not constant projection in print or on TV.
No parent worth their salt in 2015 should allow their children to be deprived of food.
They just are not in the real world, and I think looking around Parliament it may be a good idea to reduce the number of members in Parliament as they are not worth their salt.
A new addition to the series from Raintree, complete with Contents Page, Index, Glossary, recommended reading (including websites) and even a trio of comprehension questions; although any teacher worth their salt could come up with many more and engage the children in a really fruitful discussion about these endearing, endangered creatures.
GEOMETRY WARS 3: DIMENSIONS (IOS) GEOMETRY Wars is beloved by any gamer worth their salt.
This is where players worth their salt want to be."
Any marketing guy or gal worth their salt can solve the "problem" of too many viewers watching the content faster than expected.
Anyone worth their salt is going to be cute, wait right until the end of January knowing that Blues are desperate to sell, then pick up top talent on the cheap.
Any carp angler worth their salt wanted to catch him and most failed.
Surely no Pontypool/ Pontypridd fan worth their salt supports Newport or Cardiff?
WE REALISE that any celebrity worth their salt has their own clothing range these days, but when we heard that Liam Gallagher was launching one we thought it was a late April Fool.
And he is a talented writer with the trait every columnist worth their salt possesses: Even if you don't agree, you can't stop reading."
WHERE do we get the saying a person is "worth their salt" from?
LINDSAY MILSOM (WoS, November 9), chairman of the Glyncorrwg wind farm objector group, is absolutely correct that no public relations firm worth their salt would call the community road show held on September 26 in the villages of Glyncorrwg, Blaengwynfi and Croeserw proper consultation, which is why we didn't!
Eventually we had an expensive survey, which confirmed Larry's opinions concerning which columnists on the paper were worth their salt , and how many subscribers he would lose if he followed a particular course of action.