worth your/its salt

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worth (one's) salt

Warranting respect in a certain field or area, typically because one does one's job well. Used directly after the person or thing being described. Any teacher worth his salt is able to inspire his students. I'm confident enough to know I'm worth my salt around here. I make a lot of money for this company.
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worth one's salt

Fig. worth (in productivity) what it costs to keep or support one. We decided that you are worth your salt, and you can stay on as office clerk. You're not worth your salt. Pack up!
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worth your salt

good or competent at the job or profession specified.
2000 Saga Magazine Every place setting is measured with a ruler because no butler worth his salt wants to get to the end of a table with say, four settings left, and nowhere to put them.
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ˌworth your/its ˈsalt

deserving respect, especially because you do your job well: Any teacher worth his salt knows that students who enjoy a lesson learn the most.This may refer to the fact that in Roman times soldiers were given an allowance of salt as part of their pay. The Latin word salarium (= the money given to Roman soldiers to buy salt) is the origin of the word ‘salary’.
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worth (one's) salt

Efficient and capable.
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Not one thing worth its salt would come to me myself and I.
I am sure any seaside council worth its salt would find a way to use local resources to restore the structure rather than demolish it.
Every musical worth its salt needs a lively company to support the leading actors and the young people who race on and off stage like so many shooting stars are terrific.
Any future Labour Government worth its salt should renationalise the rail industry.
And no arts show discussing comedy would be worth its salt if it didn't tackle the old chestnut of 'Why aren't there more female stand-up comedians?' Sarah Millican, Katy Wix and Anna Crilly may have been snapped up for their own shows, but will rising stars Bridget Christie, Claudia O'Doherty and Dana Alexander have what it takes to survive?
NO TRADE exhibition is worth its salt without eyecatching girls, and the one who most caught Betting Window's attention last week was Karen Leeson, office manager of Super Soccer, who has worked for Tony Walpole for 18 years, sorting out betting slips, football coupons and screen service queries.
"The economic environment is very hostile and any business worth its salt is looking for cost savings," said Mark Lunn, a Dubai-based spokesman for Dubai Investment.
The exhibition which was held in Glyncorrwg on September 26 was a disaster and could not have been called a proper consultation by any public relations firm, worth its salt.
If you are in any team worth its salt you will have that situation.
No manifesto worth its salt will be complete without a hefty section on green matters.
While change is necessary to ensure the future of the city as a European capital worth its salt, it has come at a price.
"I think all art if it's worth its salt has got to be universal.
Every growing city worth its salt needs an art museum, and Hecker is to provide it, adding a new element to Ramat Gan's existing cultural milieu of library and multipurpose auditorium.
The Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network regularly takes on dozens of local school boards (www.glsen.org); every LGBT community center worth its salt sponsors local protests whenever provoked; and all the major East Coast-based organizations have some grassroots component.