worth (one's) salt

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worth (one's) salt

Warranting respect in a certain field or area, typically because one does one's job well. Used directly after the person or thing being described. Any teacher worth his salt is able to inspire his students. I'm confident enough to know I'm worth my salt around here. I make a lot of money for this company.
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worth one's salt

Fig. worth (in productivity) what it costs to keep or support one. We decided that you are worth your salt, and you can stay on as office clerk. You're not worth your salt. Pack up!
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worth your salt

good or competent at the job or profession specified.
2000 Saga Magazine Every place setting is measured with a ruler because no butler worth his salt wants to get to the end of a table with say, four settings left, and nowhere to put them.
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ˌworth your/its ˈsalt

deserving respect, especially because you do your job well: Any teacher worth his salt knows that students who enjoy a lesson learn the most.This may refer to the fact that in Roman times soldiers were given an allowance of salt as part of their pay. The Latin word salarium (= the money given to Roman soldiers to buy salt) is the origin of the word ‘salary’.
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worth one’s salt

mod. worth (in productivity) what it costs to keep one. You’re not worth your salt. Pack up!
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worth (one's) salt

Efficient and capable.
See also: salt, worth
References in classic literature ?
It was plain from every line of his body that our new hand was worth his salt.
"If that brother of yours was worth his salt, he could take the wagon," he snorted.
No man worth his salt could be anything but tender to a dainty little woman like that.
That before we trek you execute a deed agreeing, in the event of my death or disablement, to pay my boy Harry, who is studying medicine over there in London, at Guy's Hospital, a sum of L200 a year for five years, by which time he ought to be able to earn a living for himself if he is worth his salt. That is all, I think, and I daresay you will say quite enough too."
Every one who is worth his salt has his enemies, who must be beaten, be they evil thoughts and habits in himself, or spiritual wickednesses in high places, or Russians, or Border-ruffians, or Bill, Tom, or Harry, who will not let him live his life in quiet till he has thrashed them.
He delighted to believe--Toby was very poor, and couldn't well afford to part with a delight--that he was worth his salt. With a shilling or an eighteenpenny message or small parcel in hand, his courage always high, rose higher.
"Any leader worth his salt cannot go public against the government's resolve to end injurious practices such as FGM." he said.
Tony Hague Any tree surgeon worth his salt would check if a preservation order was in place before felling any tree.
When it comes to seaborne coal cargoes, any trader worth his salt would still look at the freight element as it affects the CIF price and delivery time.
A source said: "Any player worth his salt wants to go to the World Cup.
Much like every player worth his salt, Kobe Bryant has his own signature line of shoes named after him.
Green spaces in Liverpool are " up for sale ", and any developer worth his salt will be joining the queue, to grab what's left.
No musician worth his salt likes to be pigeonholed - shirking off such shackles is all part of the job, the tortured artist freeing himself from all constraint.
This could happen again, we don't have a leader worth his salt to counter the Opposition," said a Congress leader.
But every player worth his salt wants to be at this level."