worth (one's) salt

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worth (one's) salt

Warranting respect in a certain field or area, typically because one does one's job well. Any teacher worth his salt is able to inspire his students. I'm confident enough to know I'm worth my salt around here. I make a lot of money for this company.
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worth one's salt

Fig. worth (in productivity) what it costs to keep or support one. We decided that you are worth your salt, and you can stay on as office clerk. You're not worth your salt. Pack up!
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worth your salt

good or competent at the job or profession specified.
2000 Saga Magazine Every place setting is measured with a ruler because no butler worth his salt wants to get to the end of a table with say, four settings left, and nowhere to put them.
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ˌworth your/its ˈsalt

deserving respect, especially because you do your job well: Any teacher worth his salt knows that students who enjoy a lesson learn the most.This may refer to the fact that in Roman times soldiers were given an allowance of salt as part of their pay. The Latin word salarium (= the money given to Roman soldiers to buy salt) is the origin of the word ‘salary’.
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worth (one's) salt

Efficient and capable.
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References in classic literature ?
Find it a tight pull;--why, she's an old rack o' bones,--not worth her salt.
I always touch people" Actor Jeremy Irons, pictured, who 18 months ago was quoted as saying: "If a man puts his hand on a woman's bottom, any woman worth her salt can deal with it".
The uncomfortable truth is that a) any conservationist worth her salt already knows this, and b) the best way to protect ecosystems, at least in capitalist democracies, is to get the public to care about pandas and other endangered species.
Because as any housewife worth her salt will know, if she does spend pounds 150, at some point the overspend will have to be repaid.
We wish Jayne well in her new role, and we are sure she will be more than worth her salt.
Her approach to Europe has revived French hopes that Britian may after all prove a partner worth her salt.
Any hospital CEO worth her salt can tick off exactly which doctors bring in the most business.
THERE we were, thinking that any actress worth her salt could turn on the waterworks at the blink of an eye.
The Angel essence pendant, a strictly limited edition, makes the sensuous perfume a musthave for any fashionista worth her salt.
Any pop icon worth her salt is known by a single name: Jackie, Marilyn, Madonna.
Any supermodel worth her salt practises for hours before getting out of a limo in a miniskirt.
So she does what any romantic comedy heroine worth her salt would do - invents a fiance.
No woman worth her salt would want to be with a man who put his mistress before his children.