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Full black; coal dealer; about thirty years old; worth eighteen thousand dollars; paid for himself twice, being once defrauded to the amount of sixteen hundred dollars; made all his money by his own efforts--much of it while a slave, hiring his time of his master, and doing business for himself; a fine, gentlemanly fellow.
It means to count up, and set down how much one is worth.
In London, perhaps, in your present quiet style of living, it might be as you say: but in Bath; Sir Walter Elliot and his family will always be worth knowing: always acceptable as acquaintance.
New York, for a young man who had frequented the Goncourts and Flaubert, and who thought the life of ideas the only one worth living
Yes, it will be worth at least as much as a thousand dollars--when you get it done.
Of course they're worth something, but you see, nobody's buying them now.
The sheep are so frightened by the shearing that it makes them quite white and thin, and as soon as they are set free they begin to nibble the grass at once, quite anxiously, as if they feared that they would never be worth eating.
Things have gone my way a bit and the only disappointment I've had worth speaking of has been in connection with a matter right outside money.
Sir Alfred ate soup for several moments as though it were the best soup on earth and nothing else was worth consideration.
Men he had seen in love impressed him as lunatics, and lunacy was a thing he had never considered worth analyzing.
Just the same, Killeny, my son," he told Michael as they went to bed, "I think you an' me are worth more than five dollars a turn.
But a man who is worth having is worth waiting for.
Decide, in your wife's interests, whether you will die worth nothing, or die worth a thousand pounds.
It is hardly worth while," said the victim, earnestly.
These two thrones except, The rest are barbarous, and scarce worth the sight, Shared among petty kings too far removed; These having shewn thee, I have shewn thee all The kingdoms of the world, and all their glory.