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He wouldn't look at a bargain that gave him ten, fifteen per cent profit, but holds back to buy a rouble's worth for twenty kopecks."
What kind of bird may it be, pray?" added Ryabinin, looking contemptuously at the snipe: "a great delicacy, I suppose." And he shook his head disapprovingly, as though he had grave doubts whether this game were worth the candle.
"The plans of the instrument should be worth a hundred thousand pounds," Sir Alfred continued calmly.
"The name of the village where Sir Meyville Worth lives is Market Burnham, which, as I think I told you, is within a few miles of Brancaster.
Besides, when he can't work any more, an' ain't worth a cent, he'll be worth just a plumb million to me, an' if anybody offered it, I'd raise the price."
I do not even know how much my own father is worth. Mother tells me how much I may spend, and I can want to learn no more."
It means to count up, and set down how much one is worth. Mr.
'And now,' says he, 'a cargo cost #250 in England, and worth here twice the money.'
#300 sterling a year; I mean, worth so much in England.
The first public game would certainly draw fifty thousand people; and for solid fun would be worth going around the world to see.
In London, perhaps, in your present quiet style of living, it might be as you say: but in Bath; Sir Walter Elliot and his family will always be worth knowing: always acceptable as acquaintance."
"Yes, it will be worth at least as much as a thousand dollars--when you get it done.
Of course they're worth something, but you see, nobody's buying them now."
Things have gone my way a bit and the only disappointment I've had worth speaking of has been in connection with a matter right outside money.
Men he had seen in love impressed him as lunatics, and lunacy was a thing he had never considered worth analyzing.