the worst of both/all worlds

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the worst of both worlds

The worst or least desirable attributes of two different things, situations, or circumstances. The negative version of the more common "best of both worlds." This car gets terrible gas mileage and it doesn't handle well in bad weather—it's the worst of both worlds!
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the worst of both worlds

COMMON If you have the worst of both worlds, you have all the problems and disadvantages of two different things without any of the advantages. Some might say that this gives you the worst of both worlds — none of the comfort of a car with none of the convenience of a motorbike.
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the worst of ˈboth/ˈall (possible) worlds

all the disadvantages of every situation: Rail passengers feel that they are getting the worst of both worlds — expensive fares and an unreliable service. OPPOSITE: the best of both/all (possible) worlds
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Sterling has been trading neutrally, with Cable settled in the in the lower 1.2800s and EUR-GBP in the mid 0.8800s, despite news that the EU-27 approval a Brexit deal with the UK on Sunday, with the problem being that it still looks highly uncertain whether the "worst of both worlds" deal will be passed in the UK's parliament.
The Dream is meant to be a vision of prosperity, of individual fulfilment harmonising with communal purpose, but it emerges here as the worst of both worlds. Mass executions, torture, betrayal and pointless, pitiless bloodshed are everywhere.
And that would be the worst of both worlds, with World Trade Organisation rules coming into effect, with British manufacturers and businesses facing higher costs, delays, and uncertainties, and with the EU27 trying to reach practical agreements on a whole range of day-to-day and strategic matters with an estranged and isolated administration in London.
Staying in the customs' union is the worst of both worlds. Still bound by EU rules, but no say over them.
Unfortunately, we are now left with the worst of both worlds. We are expected to return the incumbent MP in May but by taking part in this stitch-up he has forgone our loyalty and support.
NOW that Maghull Developments has finally stated it is shelving its multi-million pound redevelopment on Hope Street, it appears we will get the worst of both worlds: there will be no regeneration and the mutilated, historic Josephine Butler House will be demolished for a mere car park.
What is currently proposed is the worst of both worlds.
That gives you the worst of both worlds for developing leaks as the hot-oil system heats up--lower viscosity and bigger openings.
Thus, taxpayers have "the worst of both worlds" as to the limitations periods--for additional assessments, the IRS has the longer of the partnership's or partner's limitations period to make adjustments, but the partnership or partner has only the (generally shorter) partnership period to make refund claims.
"Tunneling is the best and worst of both worlds," Simon Fok, CEO of NetConvergence, said.
In fact, however, just the opposite is true in China, where Stalinism meets capitalism, combining the worst of both worlds. Businesses that rely on prison labor and a brutally repressed work force hold hands with an all-powerful police state.
Neither position is tenable, and by flipping back and forth between the two, Buchanan manages to get the worst of both worlds.
The former Rangers player admits: "I've given myself the worst of both worlds. From having the afternoon off as a player I'm now in charge of full time and part-time players which means I'm at the ground in the morning and then again at night.
Jimmy Swaggart brings the worst of both worlds into his nearly psychotic private world.
In fact, one observer, economics professor Timothy Bates of New York City's New School for Social Research, argues that the federal government's policies frequently show entrepreneurs the worst of both worlds. First, they don't assist viable minority firms deemed "too big" and "too successful." And secondly, they often focus on firms with steady revenues but little growth potential.