worst of

*worst of something

the poorest share of something; the worst part of something. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) I knew I would get the worst of the deal because I was absent when the goods were divided up. I'm sorry that you got the worst of it.
See also: of, worst
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The Razzies are held around the same time as the Oscars and celebrate the worst of cinema - JUSTlike the Oscars.
0), went through the worst of it, and a footnote on his resume proves it.
A spokesman said: 'We want to uncover the worst of the worst from grandma's chintzy hellhole to designer minimalism gone mad.
The pop queenhas already won three Raspberry Awards, celebrating the worst of Hollywood.
The movie was named worst of the year and its star Elizabeth Berkley was worst actress and worst newcomer.
But worst of all was the duplicitous attempt to impose a late-19th-century view of identity on late-20th-century art: a consomme-like reduction of identity to its "essential" features.
From candy cane-striped, stuffed gorillas to gifts of the unexplained, this family has endured the worst of the worst, and lived to tell about it on their site, www.
But worst of all, there are the many more who will stay, afraid or unwilling to do their jobs as best they can for fear of triggering the ire of a distant yet hypersensitive federal overseer.
Detectives Larry Winston and Phillip Wixon deserve the department's highest award for standing in the line of fire against ``the worst of the worst criminals in our society.
Dennis Rodman of basketball and MTV fame followed last year's king, shock jock Howard Stern, as the worst of the worst.
Home to Charles Manson, Sirhan Sirhan and other notorious criminals, California State Prison-Corcoran has earned a reputation as a repository for the worst of the worst.