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The 12 states with the most plants in the top 50 in terms of mercury pollution are Texas (7, including half of the 10 worst), Pennsylvania (5), Alabama, (4, including the worst plant and also 2 of the 10 worst), Georgia (4, including 1 of the 10 worst), Ohio (3), Indiana (3), North Dakota (3), Missouri (2, with 1 of the 5 worst), Kansas (2), North Carolina (2), Wisconsin (2), and Arkansas (2).
Lohan's thriller, I Know Who Killed Me, in which she plays two characters who may or may not be the same person, received a leading nine Razzie nominations, among them worst picture of 2007.
In a controversial piece entitled "The Worst Canadians?" new editor Mark Reid summarizes the results of an online poll that asked readers to name the worst Canadian in history.
"He also has the worst taste in music - it's dreadful.
Also receiving seven nominations was the Wayans brothers comedy Little Man, about a thief posing as a baby, including worst picture and director for Keenen Ivory Wayans.
Getting consumers and retailers to stay away from the very worst, most environmentally sensitive mining projects is the primary goal of organizations like
Air Force commander Luiz Carlos Bueno said on Monday the two planes invloved in Brazil's worst plane disaster were flying at 37,000 feet, which means that one of them had abandoned its flight plan.
Caused by a devastating combination of strong, dry winds and the worst drought to hit the region in half a century, the fires claimed five lives, consumed dozens of homes, and literally wiped several communities off the map before being brought under control early in the new year.
She picked up worst British female solo artist, worst British single for Electric and worst pop act.
Worst Newcomer and worst character: Both won by Eric Potts, who plays roly-poly baker Diggory Crompton.
So many baby names books are on the market, and so much tension revolves around locating the perfect name assignment, that it's a relief to read David Narter's The Worst Baby Name Book Ever, a refreshing alternative with a healthy dose of humor to lighten a tense situation.
Nominations for the 25th annual Razzies, which honor the worst films of the year, were announced, and Bush was nominated for worst actor.
"We can now inspect more of the 'worst of the worst' cases," says Bernie Deck, the mining co-ordinator for the Ontario Ministry of Labour.