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worship the porcelain god

To vomit into a toilet. Doing so often requires one to kneel in front of or bend over the toilet (the "porcelain god"), a position that is likened to kneeling before or bowing to a sacred idol. Also written as "worship the porcelain goddess." I bet that if Tommy doesn't stop drinking, he'll worship the porcelain god all night. I've never thrown up so much in my life. I can't wait till I stop worshipping the porcelain god.
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worship someone as something

to revere or honor one as if one were something divine or special. He worships her as a goddess. She worships her father as a god.
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worship the ground someone walks on

Fig. to honor someone to a great extent. She always admired the professor. In fact, she worshiped the ground he walked on.
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worship the ground someone walks on

Regard someone reverently, as in Jim just worships the ground his father walks on. This hyperbole for deep admiration or romantic feeling was first recorded in 1848.
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worship the porcelain god(dess)

tv. to empty one’s stomach; to vomit. (Collegiate.) Somebody was in the john worshiping the porcelain god till all hours.

worship the porcelain god

See also: god, porcelain, worship
References in classic literature ?
Of all the deities worshipped in the temple, the moon-god alone escaped the rapacity of the conquering Mohammedans.
Here, in a new shrine--in a hall inlaid with precious stones, under a roof supported by pillars of gold--the moon-god was set up and worshipped.
This story forever changed the way Jesus' disciples worshipped.
A place where God is worshipped cannot be built on land that is usurped and should meet a minimum of requirements and facilities that help provide proper religious services," it said.
God has always had a preference in these matters as well, a way He "likes" to be worshipped.
Instead, Christian Life Church and Christ Armenian Church worshipped together, in an inspiring bilingual service.
Inside its spartan white-walled sanctuary, priests don long robes and clerical collars, and an organist pounds out hymns from the official Episcopal hymnal; many of the tunes date back to the 18th century when George Washington himself worshipped here.
Worshipped for more than three-fifths of recorded history, Egypt's gods and goddesses were dominating forces in the lives of pharaohs and commoners alike.
We worshipped together, yet otherwise ran completely parallel congregations.