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worship the porcelain god

To vomit into a toilet. Doing so often requires one to kneel in front of or bend over the toilet (the "porcelain god"), a position that is likened to kneeling before or bowing to a sacred idol. Also written as "worship the porcelain goddess." I bet that if Tommy doesn't stop drinking, he'll worship the porcelain god all night. I've never thrown up so much in my life. I can't wait till I stop worshipping the porcelain god.
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worship someone as something

to revere or honor one as if one were something divine or special. He worships her as a goddess. She worships her father as a god.
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worship the ground someone walks on

Fig. to honor someone to a great extent. She always admired the professor. In fact, she worshiped the ground he walked on.
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worship the ground someone walks on

Regard someone reverently, as in Jim just worships the ground his father walks on. This hyperbole for deep admiration or romantic feeling was first recorded in 1848.
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worship the porcelain god(dess)

tv. to empty one’s stomach; to vomit. (Collegiate.) Somebody was in the john worshiping the porcelain god till all hours.

worship the porcelain god

See also: god, porcelain, worship
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Zuhra Bholat, 2, searches for her father among worshipers preparing themselves Friday for Ramadan at the Islamic Center Northridge in Granada Hills.
The wounded were relayed across the compound in stretchers and in the arms of fellow worshipers to a rudimentary clinic below the Dome of the Rock.
We provide these worshipers with necessary guidance through religious lectures in order to encourage them to spend their time in total worship and avoid distraction.
A statement by the Office of al-Jubouri, "said that the Parliament Speaker directed to form a committee to investigate the killing of worshipers and to hold the perpetrators whatever their affiliations, and any other party they are and bring them to justice.
In Qasim region, Prince Faisal bin Bandar bin Abdulaziz, Governor of the region, performed the prayers along worshipers in Buraidah.
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Addressing the worshipers at the holy site, Sheikh Omar Kiswani, the mosqueae1/4aos director, said the masses of worshipers who attended the overnight prayers at al-Aqsa Mosque confirms to the entire world that ae1/4oethey [worshipers] came here to reaffirm the Islamic nature of this mosque and defend it.
MADINAH/RIYADH: Worshipers perform Taraweeh prayers at the Prophet's Mosque during this holy month of Ramadan, amid services provided by the government of King Salman.
Clashes broke out between the Palestinian worshipers in al-Aqsa mosque and the Israeli forces after they banned those under the age of forty years of access the mosque, al-Manar reported.
KUWAIT, July 14 (KUNA) -- With some 40,000 worshipers attending the 27th of Ramadan prayers at the grand Mosque in Kuwait, security at around 1,500 Mosques had been beefed up to protect worshipers from any kind of threat, said Minister of Justice and Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Yaqoub Al-Sane late Monday.
The IOF closes the Mughrabi Bridge for hundreds of worshipers at the Al-Aqsa Mosque.
This year, over 1000 worshipers from the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad have been selected to observe Aitkaf in Faisal Mosque out of 1400 aspirants, an official of the mosque told reporter Thursday.
6, that the goal for such measures is to protect worshipers and protestors from any attempt by outlaws from infiltrate the squares and instigate troubles or fight with the protestors and worshipers.