worship as

worship someone as something

to revere or honor one as if one were something divine or special. He worships her as a goddess. She worships her father as a god.
See also: worship
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Instead, contemplative worshipers see stillness in worship as stillness in our spirits.
The Oxford Guide to the Book of Common Prayer portrays the BCP and Anglican public worship as very much works in progress.
It and the new Oxford book follow a similar pattern-essays by eminent liturgical scholars outlining Anglican worship as it was and is becoming.
Increasingly, criminals are targeting houses of worship as well as parking lots and facilities related to worship centers.
5) Barclay speaks of worship as "being gathered from all visibles.
At the most basic level, it represents a shared understanding of the nature of ecumenical worship as an encounter with God in the living Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit, in an assembly which is gathered and sent.
27) Contemporary religious conservatives might well have seen Reformed worship as a damnably cheapened mockery of the holiness of God, even as Protestants accused Catholics of superstition, deliberate ignorance, and blind subservience to fraudulent tradition.
Moreover, we expect continued strong sales of WoW Worship as the planned marketing support and co-sponsorships begin to have a greater impact," he said.
The "truth" is more than sincerity or honesty in worship; it has something important to do with the structure or pattern of worship as well.
highlights the function of worship as bringing together pathos (the human suffering of the world) and the divine ethos (liturgy as the self-giving of God to us): "Christian liturgy transforms and empowers when the vulnerability of human pathos is met by the methods of God's vulnerability in word and sacrament" (22).
The book's thesis, that God acts in worship to transform church and world, is sustained by the metaphor of worship as a mighty river where God carries out Gods mission, "hike a river flowing to the sea, God's work of reconciliation, recorded in Scripture and accomplished in Christ, continues in the church's worship and through worship overflows into the world" (5).
The Christian Coalition, TV preacher Pat Robertson's ultra-conservative political group, is making an aggressive move into houses of worship as part of a new, church-based strategy.
This enables one to see worship as part of the living encounter among Christians from various traditions.