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The economic analysis shows that the UK will be economically worse off outside of the EU under most plausible scenarios.
According to a Gilani Research Foundation Survey carried out by Gallup and Gilani Pakistan, a nationally representative sample of men and women from across the four provinces was asked, 'In your opinion, is the latest budget presented for fiscal year 2017-2018 better, worse or the same as last year?
Gallup's question about the current state of moral values getting better or worse has been asked over the same 16-year span as the question about the overall state of moral values.
Thick or greasy make-up may possibly make acne worse.
That analysis shows Victorian schools will be almost $1 billion worse off in 2018 and 2019, and every single year beyond that.
The researchers calculated time from when women entered the study to development of CIN1 or worse, CIN2 or worse, CIN3 or worse, or cervical cancer.
Among the myriad risks of smoking, researchers have also found that the deadly habit may lead to worse health outcomes among those diagnosed with skin cancer, found new research from APHA's 143 rd Annual Meeting and Exposition.
In "No Worse Sin", two teens in love must make the ultimate sacrifice to avert global disaster First-period English class is the last place 17-year-old Laena expects to have her entire existence thrown into a tailspin.
INCLUDING 2015 I will have witnessed 13 General Elections since I became old enough to vote, and in all that time I cannot recall a worse Home Secretary than 'eresa May (e.
In all that time I cannot recall a worse Home Secretary than Theresa May (eg, the passports fiasco and her disastrous border control/immigration policies), a worse Education Minister than Michael Gove (so-called free schools, unnecessary changes in the curriculum and the constant undermining of teachers etc), a worse Work and Pensions Minister than Iain Duncan Smith (his disastrous benefits policy, resulting in thousands having to resort to foodbanks etc) or a worse Business Secretary than Vince Cable (the sale of Royal Mail shares fiasco).
Public-sector workers are hundreds of pounds worse off than before the start of the credit crunch, according to a pay report.
GEORGE Osborne's tax grab and welfare cuts will leave families almost PS1000 a year worse off, analysis shows today.
The Kaiser Family Foundation has been asking people whether they and their families and separately, the country, will be better or worse off under the Affordable Care Act.
In either case, you gotta love this place - for better or worse.
POOR working families are worse off than ever - despite tax cuts that were designed to boost their income.