worry through

worry through (something)

1. To struggle to move through something or some place with great difficulty or effort. I'm surprised that old bus was able to worry through such treacherous terrain without breaking down. We were forced to worry through the dense underbrush of the forest on foot.
2. To examine or deal with something that is dense, numerous, or complicated with great attention or persistence. I've spent the whole weekend worrying through this application, but I think I'm just about to the end of it. The detective worried through the various evidence, looking for something that would lead her to the killer.
3. To get through or deal with some condition, situation, or set of circumstances with an uneasy, anxious, or fretful feeling. My aunt and uncle were overprotective of my cousin when he was growing up, and he tends to worry through life as a result. Worrying through pregnancy is going to be bad for both you and the baby.
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worry through something

to think and fret through a problem. I can't talk to you now. I have to worry through this tax problem. We worried through the financial problem over a three-day period.
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