worry about

worry about someone or something

to fret or be anxious about the welfare of someone or something. Please don't worry about me. I'll be all right. Don't worry about the bill. I'll pay it.
See also: worry
References in classic literature ?
It isn't the thing itself I worry about," Sir Alfred said thoughtfully,--"they'll never decode that message.
Don't worry about that,' replied the girl, 'for I've thought it all over, and have settled on a plan which will make us each able to bear with the other
Then she tripped back to them with sparkling eyes and smiling cheeks, having regained her usual happy mood and forgotten all her worry about being lost.
The yellow hen is well able to take care of herself," said he; "so don't worry about her, but try to get all the sleep you can.
Doctor not to worry about a single thing--Susan is at the helm.
First, always to do my whole duty regarding making our work known to individuals and organizations; and, second, not to worry about the results.
But as soon as one is at rest, in this world, off he goes on something else to worry about.
parents worry about not having enough money for their children's college.
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be a simple and effective solution to avoid the tendency to worry about things, Dr Logan told Gulf News.
Do you sit at work, looking at this loathsome pile of problems that have wormed their way onto your desk and say to yourself, I will not worry about them, I shall be happy, so what if the world is falling about my ears and trouble is doing the two step outside my door, I shall go singing in the rain.
Dear Coleen, I'm nearly 13 and I worry about everything and anything.
Dear Coleen, I'M 12 and I worry about everything and anything.
Washington, July 27 (ANI): Do you always worry about something or the other?
Stella Kelly, 48, a customer services assistant from Acklam: "No - there are enough things to worry about without worrying about something you haven't got.
We worry what others think about us, we worry that we are not good enough and we worry about our future.