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When we choose to worry, and notice, worry is a choice, we are unstable, we make rash decisions, we make bad choices, we use harsh words, and we do unreasonable things that leads to problems and very often leads to disaster.
And I do tend to worry more about Ciara than I do about the boys because young girls just seem so much more vulnerable.
Beyond age, there are significant gaps in worry by household income, with worry inversely correlated with the amount people make -- the higher the income, the less they worry.
It is the only issue of the 11 Gallup has measured consistently to maintain this level of worry.
"I have only expressed my worry. I have said it is my worry, not even fear.
Beliefs like this only reinforce the problem, so it's really important to challenge negative beliefs if you want to break the worry habit.
The motivational power of worry has been studied and linked to preventive health behavior, like seatbelt use.
The book deconstructs how the brain responds to "worry" (or anxiety), breaking down the reasons why people worry at a level that impacts their everyday lives.
These results make this clear: Americans who feel they don't have enough money to live comfortably experience substantially greater financial worry and engage in cost-cutting or income-generating behaviors at a significantly higher rate than Americans who feel they do have enough money to live comfortably.
Worry can be defined as anxious apprehension, and refers to concern about the uncertain outcome of future events (MacLeod, Williams, & Bekerian, 1991).
Bikram VohraIf I ever get a chance to take a walk with Bobby Mcferrin, the man who sang "Don't worry, be happy,' I think the odds are we shall end up in a dark alley where I shall initiate a deep discussion on the merits of his lyrical advice.