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Regardless, the findings provide not as yet published findings which extend our understanding of the personality of worriers and introverted and feeling types.
I could easily put forward the theory that this dreadful event turned me into a worrier. But it's fudging the facts.
So what does it mean for a worrier to seek the kingdom of God?
The final seven per cent were worriers, who feared the cold was something much worse and visited their GP "just to be safe".
ARE you a worrier? Are you concerned about lots of things?
The definition of being a teenager is to be a worrier. It's a time of utter fretterance, broken only by hours of blind panic.
She said he was suffering from lingering pain and described Mr Owen as a ``natural worrier.''
Is a worrier who is far from easy to train, but in good form and certain to be suited by this drop in trip, having failed to get home in recent runs over three miles.
Well, it's an option isn't it?" The dad of two admitted he's a born worrier and opened up about seeing a therapist.
PICK OF THE DAY jon richardson: ultimate worrier Dave, 10pm IF, LIKE comedian Jon Richardson, you worry about everything, this new show will probably not do you any favours.
Now, it turns out, there was method in my madness, according to researchers from Canada, who have found advantages to being a worrier.
Now she's been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes but she doesn't take these problems seriously and just laughs and calls me a nagging worrier.
Tell God what you need and thank him for all he has done." - Philippians 4:6 (New Living Translation) ARE you a worrier? Well, you are disobeying the Bible.
"I'm generally not a worrier but maybe as a mum you automatically become a worrier and it never stops."