worried sick

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worried sick

Very concerned or anxious about a person or situation. The next time you're going to be this late getting home, please call me, because I was worried sick! Your father is worried sick about what this merger will mean for his job.
See also: sick, worry
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worried sick (about someone or something)

very worried or anxious about someone or something. Oh, thank heavens you are all right. We were worried sick about you!
See also: sick, worry
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worried sick

Also, worried to death. Extremely anxious, as in Her parents were worried sick when she didn't come home all night, or We've been worried to death about the drop in the stock market. These somewhat hyperbolic phrases (one could conceivably feel ill from worrying but would hardly die from it) date from the second half of the 1800s.
See also: sick, worry
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worried sick

so anxious as to make yourself ill.
See also: sick, worry
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be worried ˈsick


be sick with ˈworry

be extremely worried: Where have you been? I’ve been worried sick about you.
See also: sick, worry
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References in classic literature ?
He sometimes takes the great Folio whales by the lip, and hangs there like a leech, till the mighty brute is worried to death. The Killer is never hunted.
"Worried to death, though they've kept secret about it.
I would be worried to death if Chris Smalling or Phil Jones are drafted back into the starting XI for whatever reason.
"The town was shocked, my mother was worried to death but she couldn't get down there because of the bombing but they were happy that I had my older brother with me.
So, those in the government who are worried to death that they would soon be confronted with mass agitation in the streets following the recent pre-budget all-round hikes in the prices of essentials and withdrawal of subsidies impacting the lives of lower middle and poorer classes of society and further intensification in the trend expected after the budget, need not lose their sleep because as per the tradition our people don't take to streets to protest price increases.
Q I had unprotected anal sex with a man two days ago and I'm worried to death that I may have caught AIDS.
The CPP founder said that the President would declare martial law because 'he is worried to death that his candidates for the lower house and the Senate would be defeated by the opposition candidates and that there would be enough of the opposition in Congress to impeach him and try him for high crimes.'
"Duterte is now worried to death and so desperate as to imagine that he would be ousted this coming October," Sison said.lrm "At any rate, Duterte will be lucky if he survives 2018 and even luckier if he survives middle of 2019," he added.
In that situation, the bowlers have to run up, not just thinking how to take wickets but worried to death about bowling a half-volley and giving runs away because they have no runs to play with.
And a final NHS staff member said: "I have woken up feeling sick, deflated, totally c**p and worried to death about how I'm going to pay these guys."
We are absolutely worried to death about him and just want him to reach out and let us know that he is okay.
His mother Maureen Sykes said: "I'm worried to death. I won't rest until I see him now - I'll be a bag of nerves all the time.
The families of the female captives are sleepless and worried to death.
She said: "Frank was worried to death just looking out the window.