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10 exhibits the SEM images of the surface melting on the worn surface of as-cast samples tested at 80 N and 2.0 m/s.
However, educated women in particular often dress in a hybrid style of a modem long dress (like the maxi skirt sometimes worn in the West) and hijab, which signals a more cosmopolitan respectability, rather like the Gulf-style jallabia does for men.
UHMWPE: cryogenic fracture 0 PTFE: cryogenic fracture 2.1 Composite: bulk(*) 0.135 Composite: cryogenic fracture 0.6 Composite: worn sample 0.3 Composite: wearing counterface 0.5
Whereas knee braces used to be worn by players who were protecting a previous injury (envision Joe Namath and his gimpy, surgically repaired knees hobbling in archaic, bulky braces), today's athletes are wearing modern, streamlined-versions as a preventative measure.
The set of hammers should be changed when they have worn to the point that production falls or when the hammers are worn unevenly and the rotor becomes unbalanced.
Less than 1 17/32-in thick is unserviceable, A pad worn down enough to allow metal damage to the grouser can cause enough damage to make the track shoe non-repairable.
The screw and barrel were considerably worn at the end of the barrier section.
Eventually, all the clothes worn by presiders were the hand-me-downs of their predecessors.
When implementing a lubrication program (or upgrading an existing plan), begin by contacting your lubricant vendor, who can assist in worker training, engineering, testing for worn gear reducers and hydraulic systems, and locating special lubricants designed for specific systems.
Associated most frequently in a number of studies with soft contact lenses -- especially extended-wear varieties, which can be worn overnight -- this corneal disease can result in permanent loss of vision.
A Kebaya is a traditional blouse worn by Malaysian and Indonesian women made from sheer material, in Malaysia, Nyonyas usually wear the Kebaya with a Javanese batik sarong.
"We rotate some of them that are not quite worn to the outside and put new ones in the main course," he says.
Costumes for groups are inexpensive and disposable, although they can be worn two, three, or more times if carefully tended.
[check] Ejector Sleeves: damaged, worn, loose, correct setting, loose nuts.