worm's eye view

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worm's eye view

A limited understanding of something due to a lack of a broad perspective. It is the opposite of the more common phrase "bird's eye view." Because he was stuck in the same menial position for so long, he only had a worm's eye view of how the business operated.
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a worm's eye view

1. If you have a a worm's eye view of something, you see it from a low position. If only gardeners would take a worm's eye view of their lawns, they would discover a mass of fascinating and useful information.
2. If someone has a worm's eye view of a situation, they are able to form an impression of it from an unimportant or junior position. Let me offer a worm's eye view of what Thatcherism was, and what its legacy may be. Compare with a bird's-eye view.
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a worm's-eye view

the view looking up at something from ground level.
This expression was formed on the pattern of bird's-eye view (see bird). It usually refers to the viewpoint of a humble or insignificant person who is witnessing important events or people.
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a worm’s-eye ˈview

the opinion of somebody who is closely involved in something: I’m afraid I can’t give you a general overview of the situation. I can only offer you a worm’s-eye view that is based on my own experience.
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Sir Alex Ferguson with jockey Ruby Walsh What A Friend ridden by Ruby Walsh (main image) on the way to victory in the totesport Bowl Chase yesterday, (inset) a 'worm's eye view' on the Aintree action on Liverpool Day
A few of these ("A Worm's Eye View of the High and Mighty," "What is a Bidet?," "Lady Astor") have already appeared in American Diplomacy.
"Having had a worm's eye view in my life of prison and also having had something of a bird's eye view of government, I think that maybe I will bring some things to this group of experts - which is a team of which I am only one member."
He combines a worm's eye view of the war, through the eyes of small, but key, players on the ground (and in the air), with an account of the high strategy of the campaign, as seen through the eyes of the main generals and admirals.
At any rate, Cate's mostly worm's eye view of Nietzsche's life works well, tracing the self-styled Dionysus-Zarathustra-Crucified One's every step (he was a passionate hiker, preferring dark, shady pine forests), recording his every sigh ("During the past year I had 118 serious nervous-attack days.
Last season he had a worm's eye view from the bench as Celtic went all the way to Seville via Blackburn, Vigo, Liverpool, Stuttgart and Oporto.
A Worm's Eye View By: Caren Trafford Etram RRP: $17.95
It is, in effect, a bird's eye view rather than a worm's eye view. Just as microeconomic concepts and modes of analysis are the essence of the economist's involvement in regulatory policy, macroeconomic concepts -- such as consumption, saving, investment, productivity, and money supply -- are basic in dealing with questions of monetary and fiscal policies.
His well crafted chronicle, enlightening and reflective, is a valuable addition to colonial memoirs on three counts: it portrays the worm's eye view of an observant and critical junior officer without the changes of attitude which long service and promotion tend to bring; it describes with telling authenticity the `holy' North in the period immediately prior to post-war political, economic and communications developments; and it provides a rare subaltern's account of the WAFF in action in East Africa.
Chapters also deal with the war photographers; women war correspondents; "The Worm's Eye View of the War," featuring Ernie Pyle and cartoonist Bill Maudlin; "The African American Press in Wartime;" "The Mavericks," with the likes of Ernest Hemingway; broadcasting's Edward R.
Among the specific topics: "A Worm's Eye View of Urban Soil" by Phil Craul of Syracuse University; "Tree Roots and Sidewalk Conflicts" by Phil Barker of the U.S.
They pointed out the varying camera angles during Duterte's more-than-an-hour speech, which included worm's eye view shots.
One of the most memorable images tonight is Chris getting a worm's eye view of Britain as he looks up through the grass over his head and into the wide open mouth of a hungry starling.
Unfortunate perhaps that the writer stated Jonathan had a worm's eye view of the prison system - would bird's eye view have not been more suitable?