worlds apart

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be worlds apart

To be utterly different or diametrical (in nature, tastes, beliefs, etc.). My sister and I are very close now, but we were worlds apart growing up. She was always into sports and social activities, while I was your typical bookworm with very few friends. While their exterior design is very similar, the level of quality of these two products is worlds apart. One will likely last you the better part of 10 years, while you'd be lucky if the other lasted through the end of this one.
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worlds apart

Very different. My sister and I are very close now, but we were worlds apart growing up and fought all the time. The level of quality of these two products is worlds apart.
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*worlds apart

Fig. greatly separated by differing attitudes, needs, opinions, or temperaments. (*Typically: be ~; grow ~; live ~; think ~.) They are worlds apart. I can't imagine how they ever decided to get married.
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As Woody and Bo discuss the old days, they soon start to realize that they're worlds apart when it comes to what they want from life as a toy.
They ruled the 10-seater and 20-seater senior mixed 200m races in the worlds apart from winning the small boat and big boat in the senior mixed 500m and the 10-seater senior men's 200m.
Summary: The couple seperated amid fears their lifestyles had become 'worlds apart'
Our backgrounds are worlds apart. But her persona and her lovely attitude just work well with mine.
As part of the campaign, Heineken created a film called 'Worlds Apart' - a real-life social experiment that puts together two total strangers, meeting for the first time and divided by their beliefs.
WORLDS APART Iwobi will not join Jagielka and England
Research by the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) found that business and education were "worlds apart" when it comes to careers advice.
Lennon said: "The two clubs are worlds apart in terms of finances but I asked my players to compete and they would be winners in my eyes regardless of the score.
One People : Two Worlds Apart by Horace I (Mukwano) Goddard, Bloomington, Indiana: Balboa Press, 2014 120 pp.
Youngs (right), who carried an injury into that 2011 tournament, but is fully fit this time, added: "It's just worlds apart - it's very much player-led here now.
"Worlds Apart" is an erudite call of alarm and reform as it is informed, informative, thoughtful, and thought-provoking.
MANCHESTER and China....they may seem worlds apart, but they are closely bound by the North East.
Cardiff City and Swansea City may be two points apart in the Premier League table but will they be worlds apart on the pitch in the capital on Sunday afternoon?
Worlds Apart Skoot A RIDE-ON toy with rubber wheels and a handlebar that cleverly converts into a hand luggage-sized children's suitcase, with a tow strap that doubles as a carry strap.