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worldly desires

Desires for tangible things (such as wealth, property, or other material goods) or for pleasures of the body (such as sexual activity, gluttony, or other hedonistic pursuits). Buddhism teaches us to try to let go of our worldly desires, freeing our minds and bodies for a state of enlightenment. Because our worldly desires are a reflection of our sins, we should shun them if we wish to receive God's light.
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worldly wisdom

Knowledge gained from experience and everyday life. My dad never finished college, but he has much more worldly wisdom than I do, as a perpetual student.
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Once the money goes, the rest of the worldliness might follow.
Here, worldliness enters as a cultural and political process that organises in the face of (material and social) limitlessness, passivity and apparent disorganisation (see Pitkin, 1998: 97; Roodt, 2005: 56).
So I am interested now in the worldliness of those values-as invitations to engage the world differently from our dispositions when we want to describe or explain features of the world, especially in the service of practical and moral judgments.
What fulfills you?) and worldliness (What will need doing?
The sophistication, the worldliness of Hong Kong people has already reached the level where universal suffrage can be allowed".
Poorly educated but well-read, she learnt worldliness from a louche old countess.
The American students indicated a preference for three of the five values identified as functional but also ranked narcissism and other worldliness as third and fifth preferred values respectively.
Unlike other sects of Buddhism, which condemn ritualism and worldliness, the tantric sect revolves around rituals and magical traditions.
This young adult novel, first published in German, follows Miriam on a quest for worldliness, from trappings in a too-small town onwards through her curiosities.
ALTHOUGH IT'S not billed as a conceptual album, Coldplay's fourth full-length, Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends, is tied together by a tangible sonic worldliness not to mention brooding lyrics about the ephemeral nature of power, love and, of course, life.
In turn, we have been quick and efficient in transforming the once authentic into an artificial or genericized experience, often for the purpose of constructing the illusion of a personal sense of high style and worldliness. The journey from ordinary to seemingly exotic is often and easily mediated by a third party in the form of interior designers--purveyors of taste who reciprocate influence with the editors of the glossy publications that help shape our desires and set the tone for the unattainable perfection of this romanticized and self-gratifying fiction.
Instead, they struggled with the question of self-interest and worldliness as the market for cattle boomed in the 1630s.
Every part was crafted with financier Vanderbilt in mind--his worldliness, travels, power, and prestige--and incorporates materials, designs, and motifs from around the world.
The worldliness which Primitive Baptists railed against seemed to be found most readily among those whom they previously counted as brothers in Christ.