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worldly desires

Desires for tangible things (such as wealth, property, or other material goods) or for pleasures of the body (such as sexual activity, gluttony, or other hedonistic pursuits). Buddhism teaches us to try to let go of our worldly desires, freeing our minds and bodies for a state of enlightenment. Because our worldly desires are a reflection of our sins, we should shun them if we wish to receive God's light.
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worldly wisdom

Knowledge gained from experience and everyday life. My dad never finished college, but he has much more worldly wisdom than I do, as a perpetual student.
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(20) By contrast, Pierre Janelle, author of the 1963 study The Catholic Reformation, devoted a chapter to art and music in which he expressly lamented how, in the course of the seventeenth-century, "restraint and severity"--the proper characteristics of Catholic art--were supplanted by "a worldlier character," and the early simplicity of Tridentine art was lost beneath baroque "overornamentation." (21)
The usual answer is a self-righteous, "Because they need to know." I won't argue against the value of knowledge; I, too, wish more Americans were a bit worldlier, for lack of a better word.
Although Beerbohm deeply admired Rossetti, his caricature of 'Rossetti in his Worldlier days' shows his idol leaving the bohemian Arundel Club in company with the notoriously hard-drinking journalist George Augustus Sala.
Nevertheless, the filmmakers of Hoosiers, working with the hindsight of the civil rights movement and ostensibly worldlier than the boys from Milan, attempted to render invisible the racial context of black basketball in Indiana.
When a young boy says in perplexity that the French have no grounds for bringing charges against Jeanne and no reason to put her on trial, the worldlier Dr.
By 1895 his attention had turned to a much worldlier Montmartre of top hats and fancy dresses.
As chefs and artists traveled and became worldlier, interest in this frozen art form became more commonplace.
In other words, our poetry has become worldlier. Also, literary theory has had a big influence in the past decade.
Pressing the issue could create the impression that you are worldlier than he is.
(20) Rushdie's novel contains only one character belonging to the social fraction interested in questions like those that the International Parliament addresses--Saladin's upper-class, liberal wife, Pamela, whom he finally leaves for a worldlier Indian woman, Zeeny Vakil, an intellectual and author of a book on the 'confining myth of authenticity'.
With the assistance of much worldlier -- some might say "feminist" -- Kurdish women such as Leila, a lawyer, who has lived for some years in Europe, Mina learns that to be happy a woman has to be independent: she has to take care of her body and her clothes (and to get rid of the ugly gold tooth that disfigures her smile), to learn the language of the country she lives in, and to find a job.
If we turn from Sullivan's scholastic exercises back to Urvashi Vaid's book, we find that her arguments are much messier, much worldlier, and much livelier.