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I would argue that the way the art world conceives of itself determines its treatment of globalization.
The artworld stands to the real world in something like the relationship in which the City of God stands to the Earthly City.
Yet we live on a planet where millions of people in developing countries each day suffer from hunger or malnourishment while many in the industrialized world take their food supply for granted.
The World Agricultural Forum and its 2001 World Congress offer an opportunity for world leaders to share their perspectives on global agriculture's challenges and begin to identify possible solutions that are in the interests of both industrialized and developing nations," Danforth adds.
offers an excellent timeline of world beat's march to populism, begining in the early 1980s.
Like Hayes, scholars Appiah and Gates found that the music of the world came from an area where the most important element of rhythm has been the most consistent--Africa and its Diaspora: the juju from Nigeria, Soukous from Congo, Chimurenga from Zimbabwe, misik from Haiti and soca from Trinidad.
We have to come to see that we ourselves have evolved all our own languages, knowledge-systems, and visions of the world.
Much of the information that holds this world together is appropriate, legitimate, and has a rightful place in the general scheme of things.
Berkeley's insistence on the mind's primary role in the constitution of the world mirrors Johnson's own conception of the delicate balancing act of the artist "on the high wire," as he/she challenges our ways of knowing the world.
All of us have lived in a world in which the trend toward world trade and world capital movement has seemed inexorable.
Virtual Worlds Conference takes place March 28-29, 2007 at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York City.
Table 10: World TiO2 Market (2013): Percentage Breakdown of
E - Players are eligible to compete for their home country or that of their parents or grandparents, as long as they have a passport, and the World Cup is filled with EXPATRIATES.
He argues that there is a "porous membrane" between the real world and the virtual, and that the existence of online worlds will soon have to be reckoned with in the fields of law, policy, and economics.
It is true that the world body does participate in relief efforts when disasters occur, but this is only the public face of the organization.