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idle hands are the devil's workshop

When one has nothing to do, one is more likely to get into trouble. When I'm off from school, my grandmother is always trying to get me out of the house, while reminding me that idle hands are the devil's workshop.
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Santa's workshop

The workshop of Santa Claus, where Santa or his elves are said to make the toys that he delivers on Christmas. I'm sure the elves in Santa's workshop are making the toys you'll get for Christmas right now, honey.
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idle brain is the devil's workshop

Prov. People who have nothing worthwhile to think about will usually think of something bad to do. We need to figure out something constructive for Tom to do in the afternoons after school. An idle brain is the devil's workshop.
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Emphasis: Chamber music, history, improvisation, jazz, private lessons, technique, repertoire, sight reading, theory, workshops, electronic and computer music and conducting.
Teammates spent much of the workshop seated next to or across from each other, discussing program challenges and getting consensus on team charters.
org Deadline: 08/05/2006; Number awarded: up to 5 Requirements: Post high school graduate looking for additional training and performing opportunities; male and female dancers can apply Scholarship money pays for: Special workshops, travel expenses, tuition for classes
The qualitative responses collected immediately after each workshop were primarily beliefs about attributes of the IVC workshops.
Our goal is to increase the transportation assistants' knowledge of the Defense Transportation System," said Brad Bernard, workshop manager for SDDC Operations Support.
Decatur/Atlanta Ayurvedo Workshop--Sat & Sun: Ayurveda, creating health workshop.
The workshop in Setubal aimed at reopening the debate to develop more specific guidance and acceptability criteria and a system that would support the use of (Q)SARs such that the guidance and acceptability criteria were actually applied when a (Q)SAR was used for chemicals management purposes.
A workshop cost $150, the equivalent of more than $400 today.
Mallas (1976), reviewing workshop practices, observed that the image of the workshop, both from within and without, was negative, "a place where society relegates its unwanted cast-off goods and people.
MPulse Ann Arbor Musical Theatre Workshop, Ann Arbor, 7/9-7/29.
La Tania, a poised, statuesque woman who employs a style similar to Benitez, led a workshop for 46 intermediate and advanced students eager to learn the regal carriage of flamenco.
In January 2003 the Business Reference Librarian and the Systems Librarian presented the Finance and Accountancy workshop in the library's computer classroom.
Raytheon and DAU conducted the pilot offering of the workshop for the Surfaced-Launched Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile program (SLAMRAAM) from March 16-19, 2004, in Huntsville, Ala.
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