work (one's) tail off

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work (one's) tail off

To work really hard (on or at something). I know you thought it was just a silly New Year's resolution, but I've been working my tail off at the gym! Sally and Jim work their tails off when we hold our consumer conference each year. I don't know what I'd do without them!
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work one's tail off

 and work one's buns off; work one's ass off; work one's butt off
Inf. Fig. to work very hard. (Use caution with butt.) I worked my tail off to get done on time. You spend half your life working your butt off—and for what?
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work one's tail off, to

To work very hard. This inelegant locution dates from the first half of the twentieth century. James Farrell used it in Studs Lonigan (1932–35): “This idea of sweating your tail off with work.” It also is put as to work one’s ass or butt off. See also break/bust one's ass.
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He's one of our best shooters and works his tail off on a day-to-day basis in practice.
The fact that he does everything out here and works his tail off. It's a phenomenal story." Berry doesn't know what this season will bring.
"He scores a lot of goals, he works his tail off in every game and he never gives anybody a minute's peace.
Special congratulations go to our Assistant Creative Director Wes Funai, who works his tail off to try to make every issue the very best.
"He has been hiding for most of his current contract, so we're better off with a guy like Nacho Novo who works his tail off for us."
Quite apart from his brilliant free-kicks and swerving crosses, he works his tail off. He might be angry that his good looks were spoiled by Fergie's boot...
Blank.' My man Paul here, [Paul Gordon, the building's manager] is my ambassador to the tenants, and he works his tail off.
"Terry works his tail off. He has a great drive and desire.
The small-but-mighty Red Sox second baseman is my beau ideal of what every ballplayer, every man for that matter, ought to be -- a leader by example who works his tail off to excel and wins the overwhelming respect of his peers -- everything, in other words, that the Yankees' Alexander Emanuel Rodriguez is not.
He works his tail off, and he never begs for anything.
"He's undersized, but he works his tail off. I wish I had five guys who work as hard as him every time on the floor.
"He works his tail off," Wilfork said of the Patriots' third-year inside linebacker.
"The guy works his tail off. I couldn't be happier for him."
He just works his tail off. He makes a difference on both ends for us."