work as (something)

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work as (something)

1. To occupy some role or profession as a job. I actually loved working as a mailman—I get to meet lots of different people all around the city. I worked as a computer programmer when I got out of college before pivoting into video game design.
2. To have or achieve the same purpose or function as something else. The sauce I made for the pasta works equally well as a salad dressing, too. A: "I really don't have any use for these blank CDs anymore. What should I do with them?" B: "Well, they'll work as coasters for your drinks at the very least."
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work as something

to work in the capacity of something. I worked as a waiter for a year when I was in college. I will work as a stockbroker for a while, and then move on to something else.
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work as

1. To serve the purpose of something: The pegs on the wall work as coat hangers.
2. To do the work associated with someone or something: At night, I work as a waiter.
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It's very interesting to me--the notion of works as spaces for hosting and the notion of the artist as a host, which the One Hotel expresses in an almost literal way.
In all of the above situations, the enclave works as a group in a single location performing specific duties with the support of trained staff.