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Our initial focus will be towards initial production and expanding the deposit close to the existing workings, and then continuing to expand gold mineralized zones along strike and to depth.
Gregg Taylor QC, prosecuting, alleges Fyfield failed to put in place a Prevention of Inrushes (PAI) scheme before his men blasted through to the old workings and claims the defendant also failed to notify the Mines Inspectorate of the plan in accordance with regulations.
A day earlier, he explained, the men had made a small drill hole into the old workings and, according to one worker, David "Jake" Wyatt, what came out was like a "tap turned half-on" but the prosecutor said the large volume of water in the old workings, which had built up since 1984, was heavily silted and the silt had blocked water on the other side from bursting through the narrow drill hole.
The mine workings are quite close to the surface," said Karen.
The drill hole, which the company believes to have been drilled approximately 15-20 metres below the existing mine workings, encountered a 5.
Personal writings reveal that 'problem' girls were often aware of the workings of power in which they were enmeshed.
All these actions make use of different sets of muscles and von Hagens has flayed and peeled away the obscuring flesh that allows us to see the inner workings of the body.
Typically, IT staff handle a multitude of varying tasks and cannot afford to be specialists in the backup and restore process or in the inner workings of Exchange Server.
Definitely, this is a must read for anyone wishing to know more about the intricate workings of these terrorist groups.
This is the first map of Wadi Sikait to combine topographic and geologic information, and also to show the distribution of ancient mine workings.
Workings that underlie streets and buildings can collapse.
A new year-round aquatic sports centre has been opened by the Junta of Andalucia on the reservoir that formerly served the mine workings.
The history of the household and its workings has been a subject of interest to historians for some time, and new work on the importance of gender in household relationships, power and the control of household space, and the managerial nuances of the household economy have bolstered our sense of a better understanding of social history must be based on our understanding of the family and the household framework.
Investigators in Japan have now found a major clue to the workings of some of the most promising antiviral medicines under development.