work (oneself) into the ground

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work (oneself) into the ground

To work oneself to the point of illness or exhaustion. If you keep working 80-hour weeks, you'll work yourself into the ground sooner than later.
See also: ground, work

work (or run) yourself into the ground

exhaust yourself by working or running very hard. informal
See also: ground, work

drive/run/work yourself into the ˈground

work so hard that you become extremely tired: You need to be careful, or you’ll run yourself into the ground before long.With only two or three hours’ sleep a night, he was driving himself into the ground.
See also: drive, ground, run, work
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You need to conserve your energy and rely on your body clock to remind you that you are working yourself into the ground.
Unless you are Peter Andre or a downmarket celeb mum, you will not actually achieve the Thankless Tasks Dip qualification because, reflecting life, you will never get a word of appreciation for the endless sacrifice of working yourself into the ground.