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We end up working ourselves to death, literally, trying to counter these kinds of stereotypes.
One dad told a local newspaper: "My wife and I have both been working ourselves to death for a year, and we still haven't saved up even a third of what we'll need.
In fact, many of us are working ourselves to death. For many people, their identity is so closely associated with their job that when they stop working, they end up passing away not long afterwards, lacking hobbies, social connections or life purpose.
Thus, the ultimate irony of America's addiction to activity is that we are working ourselves to death, not to produce some utopian paradise, but so that we may transform the natural world into disposable products we mostly do not need.
We bought it between the four of us back in May 1994 and we have been working ourselves to death ever since!"
It might also be helpful to recall the words of Diane Fassel in Working Ourselves to Death (HarperCollins, 1993).
- Diane Fassel Author of Working Ourselves to Death