work (oneself) into the ground

(redirected from working ourselves into the ground)

work (oneself) into the ground

To work oneself to the point of illness or exhaustion. If you keep working 80-hour weeks, you'll work yourself into the ground sooner than later.
See also: ground, work

work (or run) yourself into the ground

exhaust yourself by working or running very hard. informal
See also: ground, work

drive/run/work yourself into the ˈground

work so hard that you become extremely tired: You need to be careful, or you’ll run yourself into the ground before long.With only two or three hours’ sleep a night, he was driving himself into the ground.
See also: drive, ground, run, work
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With the manager, we have discussed dozens and dozens of players and myself and Karren Brady in particular have been working ourselves into the ground.
We are all working ourselves into the ground to do well at Cardiff and we honestly feel it will happen at some stage.