work around (someone or something)

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work around (someone or something)

To manage or be forced to accomplish or achieve something in spite of or while avoiding some problematic person or thing. We've come to the conclusion that we just have to work around our boss's bad advice if we ever want to get anything done in the office. The main problem with having a home office is having to work around my rambunctious young children. It's not ideal, but we'll find a way to work around your absence next week.
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work around someone or something

to manage to do one's work while avoiding someone or something. He is being a problem, but he will have to leave pretty soon. You'II just have to work around him for now. You have to work around the piano. It is too heavy to move.
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work around

1. To wrap or pass something around something by repeated, continuous, or applied effort: The knitter worked some decorative stitching around the edge of the sleeve.
2. To achieve a goal in such a way as to avoid some difficulty: Can we work around the problem, or do we have to solve it?
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He's deliberately working around us and to windward.
* Wear appropriate protective clothing when working around superheated materials.
Water, Land and Natural Resources Minister Dr Xavier Jayakumar said the Pengurusan Air Selangor Sdn Bhd (Air Selangor) contractor was working around the clock to carry out pipe repair works which had been completed 35 per cent as of yesterday.
'We have increased the patrols and are working around the clock to avert further conflict,' Natembeya told the Star yesterday.
Summary: The Army, the Navy and the Air Force along with the NDRF are working around the clock to recuse people.
"We have been working around the clock to try to locate him and bring him back to the UK.
An international team - 20 researchers working around the clock - sequenced DNA from 78 human subjects infected with Ebola and report the virus is mutating quickly.
MANAGERS are suffering because of the "harmful" culture across British industry, working around 46 days of unpaid overtime a year, going to work while ill and suffering increased levels of stress and depression, a report claims.
Det Supt Richard Baker said: "We currently have over 60 detectives from West Midlands Police CID along with a lot of our uniform colleagues working around the clock to catch the offenders responsible for this and bring them to justice.
Summary: Biologists are working around the clock to recapture at least 280 crocodiles that escaped from a Mexican refuge near the Gulf of Mexico.
We told you where not to put "de-feet" on Page 39 in PS 617 (Apr 04) when working around or on a Black Hawk engine.
Crowe, 44, admits that he has been working around his new look for his past two films, and that he finally decided on playing the part with his hair cropped.
The Arkansas Game & Fish Commission fishing experts suggest that while working around heavy cover, large flipping tubes work well.
O'Neill has claimed he will be "working around the clock" to add to the loan signing of Manchester United full-back Phil Bardsley before the window closes in just over three weeks.